Pictures of Unreal Engine 3 games

A gathering of images using the Unreal Engine 3. There are also titles that weren't released yet.

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MK_Red3833d ago

Also, UE3 = the grey, colorless, lifeless, cheap and looking alike way.

Seriously, aside from Mirror's Edge, every single UE3 powered game looks like some cheap Gears mod. Hopefully more people will start working with their own engines.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3833d ago

Unreal engine does tend to have that same look in games.

Syronicus3833d ago

Taking a look at games like Gears and MOH, yeah, the color palette looks similar but then you compare them to Bioshock and Rainbow Six and you have something totaly different. Not sure but the recent title by SE looks to be a bit different too. Sure you have some similarities but if the developer uses their own art direction then the games look so much different.

kewlkat0073833d ago


Lost Odyssey didn't look like what MK was describing..

This is one of the best "lisenced" engines. I'm sure it has it's problems when it comes to devs and support.

The thing is, it has to be optimized for each platform to get the best results.

MK_Red3833d ago

Gotta admit that Lost Odyssey looked good and different from UE3 powered games but aside from that, we have Army of Two, Turok, Fall of Liberty, BlackSite, Hour of Victory, Stranglehold and many others that look just like Gears of War and UT mods. Even Fatal Inertia, a cyber racer game has the UE3 look to it.

Mirror's Edge and Lost Odyssey are the real exceptions.

ar3833d ago

ME uses a different light engine ( http://www.illuminatelabs.c... , http://www.illuminatelabs.c... ). Might be the reason it looks different.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3833d ago

Yeah some do use the engine well, and make great games, but you realy can't get passed taht wet look UE3 games have. One thing about UE3, games made with it get done faster. I would bet we all have about 2-10 EU3 games in our library on PC's, 360's and PS3's. Like it or not, there are some great games made with it, that still provide hours of entertainment.

MK_Red3833d ago

ar, thanks for the links and info. Bubbles for you. Kudos to Dice and Illuminati labs.

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PR0F3TA3833d ago

lol, is it just me or do all the games look the same? maybe its just me

strongbad14413833d ago

I thought the two best looking ones were Mass Effect and Mirror's Edge, but maybe that's because they just have really different art direction. Either way, the Unreal Engine has done a good job this gen of powering some beautiful games.

Tyetan3833d ago

Did anyone else notice that the Stargate Worlds 2007 picture was just concept art?

Xi3833d ago

for example

APB will be using the unreal engine
fatal inertia uses the unreal engine
lost odyssey
MK vs DC
last remnant

but they only chose fps games, so of course they're all going to look similar. It's like pointing out that all the fps games that use the source engine look like half-life 2.

MK_Red3833d ago

Well, aside from Lost Odyssey, all of them look like generic UE3 games. Fatal Inertia literally looks like the racing version of UT3 and MK vs DC looks like a generic UE3 shooter but with fighting instead of shooting.

UnderTow has is a sidescroller but the textures and effects scream UE3 and finally, ABP looked kinda UE3ish though still better than others.

Last Remnant!? Seriously, did you see the gameplay clips? They were more colorless and UE3ish than Gears itself!

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