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GR: Perhaps the biggest surprise of playing BioShock on a mobile device was the discovery of how well suited the game's design already was for mobile. After completing a short, early chunk of gameplay, I moved the nameless/faceless protagonist towards Neptune's bounty, to find a Vita Chamber ready to revive me if I died; I had forgotten how close together they were, making the game ideally spaced and timed for on-the-go play.

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barb_wire1929d ago

So, 2K can bring it to iOS but the Vita gets nothing..

Wordzero1929d ago

Exactly. I'd be all over a Vita port.

TM3331928d ago

Ditto on that. At this point, I'm not even gonna' waste my energy caring though.

aerisbueller1929d ago

This is the best looking XBox One game so far!

Codewow1929d ago

Love the BioShock franchise. Wish I had a tablet that could play this. I'm stuck with first gen Ipad.

Kennytaur1929d ago

It actually annoys me that they made a bloody mobile version in stead of a new gen remaster. This game needs to be experienced on a large screen with good audio (preferably surround), not on a tiny touchscreen.

My dislike for mobile grows. Stupid future.

Artista 1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

No remaster
No Vita version

. . .