Evolve - New 23-Minute Gameplay Alpha Footage Released

YouTube’s member member ‘jackfrags’ has released a new video, showcasing the alpha build of Evolve running on PC.

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Cherchez La Ghost1535d ago

I see my Co-Op time with this, Halo and Destiny at the end of the year.

creatchee1535d ago

Looks so fun, yet strategic. Cannot wait!

ChozenWoan1535d ago

Yep this game is now officially on my top 5 list.

shotime971535d ago

wow that was bad ass ....looks like those guy's at turtle rock nailed it!!!!

jegheist20141535d ago

this game is strictly online only im assumeing it looks amazing.

dont know if replay value will hold for more then month or 2 so many good fall lineup games.

il probly pick this up round christmas when i get thru fall lineup backlog of destiny dragon age far cry 3 and ac unity and lords of fallen

Freeball1535d ago

There were reports you could play offline and have everyone else as AI like you could in Left4Dead. That's pretty boring though, but it would be a nice way to practice your monster skills.

Giru0171535d ago

It looks very fun, but ultimately it would come down to the community and how good Turtlerock would be at fixing and patching, since a single abusable tactic can render the whole game NOT-FUN.

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