Edge: Nintendo's Mixed WiiWare Messages

Edge writes: "Nintendo's latest Wii initiative arrives with mixed messages and no significant marketing spend (but at least one game worth having).

The philosophy behind WiiWare runs that developers are responsible for their own product (with Nintendo providing only the platform and some rudimentary technical approval), and are able to take advantage of a distribution channel that cuts out middlemen as well as obviously removing the need for costly physical inventories (just as is the case with Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, of course). It should, Nintendo's theory goes, lead to more creative and risky game concepts finding their way to the Wii userbase.

In reality, many of the launch titles fail to throw up any considerable innovation. Dr Mario & Germ Buster is a reheated mashup; TV Show King is a Buzz-alike party quiz; Toki Tori has been seen before on Game Boy Color; and Star Soldier R is a version of a bonus mode included in an older game. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King may be a new idea for the Final Fantasy series, but it's one that has been explored by other small-scale town builders."

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