THQ Takes Pot Shot at Xbox 360 in Saints Row 2 Trailer

In their attempt to try and sell Saints Row 2 as the "extreme" alternative to Grand Theft Auto IV, THQ has taken to taking jabs at the Xbox 360's checkered past with their hardware quality control by throwing in a "Red Ring" billboard into one of their trailers.

Later on in the same trailer, THQ also takes a few more playful shots at anybody who paused the video long enough to read a "legal notice" that flashes across the screen. For those people out there who don't want to take the time to fiddle with the trailer's playback speed, Binge Gamer's James Walker has provided a full transcript of the notice.

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Mr PS33878d ago

Called The Red Ring
It will be the Bots favorite hang out
And who isn't taking pot shot's at the Xbox these days
Its the laughing stock of the Console market

AngryTypingGuy3877d ago

Hey, I'm an Xbox fan, but when it's deserved, it's deserved. MS needs to take its lumps for rushing the 360 to market. It's a lesson it needed to learn.

I wonder if they'll take shots at the PS3 in any way. Maybe they'll show billboards or magazine covers with "AAA" games and lower than expected ratings. Or maybe they'll have a scenario where you'll be walking through an electronics store, and they have a demo 360 and PS3 side by side running the same game, and the 360 is running it nice and smoothly while the PS3 version is a little choppy.

All good fun! This game is gonna kick ass.

Nevers3878d ago

I believe if they release too many in-game jokes, they might not leave us too much to laugh at when we actually get the game and play it.

Sez 3878d ago

i think THQ need to worry about making a good game and stop trying to take shots at the 360. since mostly 360 owner will be the one's mostly buying it. so if you sale are low. THQ may have to ask themselve why.

wallace10003877d ago

I agree with your need to make a good game comment. Granted i haven't played the game yet, but from that trailer GTA looks superior. I do enjoy cruising liberty city though, so i might be slightly biased :-P

th3james3878d ago

from all the previews i have seen it looks like they are trying to upstage gta with other elements found in san andreas. just putting SUPA KOOL MHINEEE GHUNEZ isn't going to make the game more enjoyable, but then again gtaiv would be better if they added more things to do. i blame the disk space of 360 and rockstar starting gta from scratch again on new consoles. maybe the next gta will have a san andreas endless level of things to do.

dan-boy3878d ago

san andreas was the third gta game with the game engine. gta3 like gta 4 had not much else apart from the missions and side stuff. the next gta will have more things to do, and the third like san andreas will have even more stuff.

rockstar will figure out how to squeeze more and more with each game, and implement more and more stuff...well done for making yourself look stupid though. 10 points for that.

The Dark Knight3878d ago

its just a joke. im sure they will bag ps3, but they are trying to hard hard to be rebel

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The story is too old to be commented.