Is 'Next Gen' Good Enough

The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 lasted us for eight years and seven years respectively. To this day they still run the latest games with pretty good results. Sure, it would be nice to have an upgrade but every last frame was being squeezed out of those consoles and they worked! Now we have had the so called ‘next generation’ of consoles for a while and there is a lot of stuff floating around about how the hardware is insufficient, the Xbox One in particular. Can these consoles last for another eight years? Or will the consumer have to spend even more on something that actually works?

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BillmadeAGate1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Not yet.. haven't seen.a game on Xbox or PS that justifys there $400 purchase. But im optimistic it'll happen soon.

UltraNova1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Well I'm looking at Infamous SS and it sure looks next gen to me... hell even the tight corridor 3rdP Ryse is leaps ahead of anything on the 360...

The fact remains its still 8 months in and we got games like Killzone, Ryse, Infamous, Wolfenstein, Ground Zeroes and Watchdogs... Its safe to assume we will be impressed in the coming years even if both Sony and MS played it safe with their hardware this time around.

BillmadeAGate1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Oh trust me im not doubting that.. just saying it remains to be seen is all.. Nothing I've played so far including Infamous ss felt really that next gen you know.. honestly I feel Shadow of Mordor & Witcher 3 are going to be the games to utilize enough aspects of next gen software to create a truly unique an next gen experience.. but as of now , there really isn't much different in multi platform games.

UltraNova1930d ago

I respect your opinion.

Its a waiting game, as always!

Caffo011929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

graphically Infamous SS IS next-gen.
If you're talking about gameplay that's another thing, but i don't expect that many more gameplay innovations from next-gen, i just wanted a graphical upgrade from ps3, and that's what i got.

nirwanda1929d ago

Infamous was ok but the game that's really stuck out as being next gen was nba 2k14, the animation and things like 3d beards looked so lifelike and realistic, it's just a shame that the white character models broke the illusion.

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ramiuk11930d ago

i think infamous SS is next gen,im more than happy with the graphics,i just want more solid single player games like last of us,UC,god of wars and some full on shooter storys,not some slapped on 4 hour campaigns like last gen.

but to answer the question yes i think there good enough and im happy with the £389 i paid on launch with 2 games.

boneso821929d ago

I actually got a very similar deal on launch day for PS4. I was really looking forward to "next-gen", properly chuffed all year since the reveal in Feb '13. I went to a midnight launch at my local GAME store. I played everything i could play on my PS4 up until May of this year, Killzone, Infamous, AC4, FIFA 14, a bit of everything, then i sold it all.

The games have been so underwhelming, visually and mechanically, i felt really a bit gutted, i expected more.

So i built a PC instead, infact 2 of them since, and I'm now rocking every game at 1080p/60fps. Im not a PC fanboy, i have always been a console gamer, but i think i have done what a lot of gamers will do this year and next and jumped over to PC gaming. Which by the way is totally worth it.

I will probably buy another PS4 in the future, when there are exclusives i really can't miss out on, but for now, £350 isn't worth it for me.

700p1930d ago

@billmadeagate i agree 100% but there are some games that look "next gen". We should expect alot of "next gen" type of games at the end of the year and also 2015.

mixolydian_id1930d ago


400+$ is a lot of money... Im not that impressed yet.

Just how do these companies manufacture 'desire' for a new console.

Through previously unattainable software, hype, specific unmissable games?
could it even be the 'Security' of the purchase?

Seems like there's more capabilities to these device then before. USB 3.0... wifi direct, bluetooth, TV throughput, apps, specific operations, smartglass etc.

There has been so much hype... some of it is just dumbfounding. So much of it that it is unclear as to what people are actually buying. The product identity needs to be clear to avoid unsatisfied purchases. This actually takes away the security of the purchase. Many would rather wait and see what the product will develop into... and to see what they're really capable of.

Games, people have a huge heads up on when games are going to be released. Many are multiplatform. This presents a problem, the need to upgrade... when the user is content with the device they already own. After all it's been desired for for the last 10 years? So why would people suddenly throw it under the bus

We all know the TV pass through has a slight latency... so the One having 'input one' with an xbox in the pass-through isnt exactly an option.

What if you're a young person and the box is going in your bedroom?o Does that mean the device isn't for you? You could argue it is future proof, teenagers leaving home and getting their own place may have a TV subscription? But this day and age, young people do a hell of a lot of downloading, streaming etc.

New media/multimedia devices have a tough job ahead of them... at least they're pushing for it now. We can hope seemless integration in the next couple of years (providing they're not spending all this time integrating DLNA support)

Rant over ;)

jdubrady1929d ago

Yeah, I agree. It isn't worth the price to upgrade for the games that are out now. The only reason I have a X1 was because I got it for half price. Even with that basically using the Kinect to turn channels for me. pretty much paid $250 for a voice remote. lol .but the games will come.

user56695101928d ago

same plus i dont like paying to play a part of a game i already brought. thats just a slap in the face.

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GeofferyPeterson1930d ago

Give it time you impatient bastards!

marioJP871930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

You forgot your comma, bastard.

MeteorPanda1930d ago

cause developers know the limits of a console on the first year of it's release...jesus. just wait a year or two and the games will start blowing your mind, so far l'm really content with what we have already, havn't bought another game since ff14 so maybe that's it

Napalm541929d ago

From a technical aspect they already know the limits of the consoles through the hardware specifications. Unlike the previous generation in which the Xbox 360 had a PowerPC CPU and the PS3 a Cell Broadband Engine. These two CPUs are different than standard processors, especially the Cell processor. The systems are not using some strange hardware, they are essentially 'normal' PCs(except for a few caveats here and there). Also the hardware isn't even that impressive considering that more powerful hardware was available in 2012 for computers.

mysteryraz111930d ago

go look at uncharted 4 and order1886 and everyones gone to the rapture yea its no doubt worth it hell look at mgs5 phantom pain it looks insane and its a cross gen game

Hk85karlsson1930d ago

Is TPP cross-gen? I thought that it was just GZ that would be cross-gen?

mysteryraz111930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

no it will be on ps3 and xbox360 I just checked which is crazy bye itself what in the world would a ps4/x1 only mgs look like?

Hk85karlsson1930d ago

I dunno why I can't reply to you directly.

@mysteryraz11: F**k, last gen is holding the current gen back. Imagine The Division on PS360?
Look at Watch Dogs, the prime example of what I'm talking about.

WitWolfy1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Too early to say, but if Uncharted 4 is anything like the trailer makes it out to be then HELL YES!!!

Hanuman1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

As good as TLOU cutscenes would be sufficient, If you ask me. the trailer at E3 was probably cutscene-quality.(Same engine as in-game, but with higher poly count?)

marioJP871930d ago

EXACTLY! The cutscenes quality was amazing but it definitely wasn't playable in game like it was claimed by Naughty Dog's developers. I think that's what's going to happen with Uncharted 4 too because they also said that was in game quality but if we COULD get that quality in game, it damn sure would feel next gen.

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