6 upcoming [email protected] games you should be really excited about

The [email protected] platform has ensured that hundreds of new titles will be making their way to Xbox One over the next 12 months.

We know how difficult it can be keeping your eye on the best and brightest, so the X-ONE team has taken this opportunity to highlight 6 that we are keeping a close eye on...

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Zichu1540d ago

Bizarre, but looks fun. I will definitely be picking these games up when they are released.

ghostface91540d ago

The game I am most excited for is easily cuphead that looks amazing cant wait

Gh05t1540d ago

I love the old school cartoon look of it. I cant wait to try it.

AllAboutGaming1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

I look forward to playing a few of these on PC and/or PS4

Best of the bunch IMO:
-Hyper Light Drifter coming to PC/PS4
-Cuphead coming to PC
-Inside coming to PC/PS4 after paid exclusive time runs out

Angerfist1540d ago

Who cares? Troll somewhere else.

MeliMel1540d ago

Ok are you all about gaming or you all about Hating? Lol, you drop your stealth fanboy comment like we give a shit its coming to PC and PS4.

Ill pick these up on Xbox One. Im not gonna wait to play them on my PS4.

Btw, Happy

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