Pocket-Lint: Race Driver GRID Review

Pocket-Lint writes: "As a start out racer, the career mode provides the real meat to get stuck into. As a driver for hire, you can travel the world and win races across numerous driving types.

It's all me me me, with your racing reputation your main concern. Winning competitions and completing contest-specific objectives will hand over a mass of cash to be stuck in your bank account.

There is certainly no lack of tracks to test your metal on either. Head over to Japan and you'll be contending with the kind of drift vehicles that made The Fast and the Furious a guilty pleasure. In the US, it's all hulking muscle cars. And in Europe it's just your standard track-based racing in specially made vehicles."

The good: Tonnes of racing styles, lengthy and rewarding career mode, excellent damage system

The bad: No vehicle upgrades, aesthetics not quite up there with the best

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