Reality of Game Reviewing

Nicolae Andrei at in2gpu writes:

[10:49:18 AM] Nicolae Andrei: I am not trying to tell you to stop going to Gamespot or IGN or others. I am not trying to say they are full of bullshit and that you should prefer us at in2gpu. I am not trying to say anything really, it is a hot summer night and I feel the need to discuss the gaming review business. We are a small website that focuses on gamming and game development, yet we all do this in our spare time. We aren’t making any kind of money… of course we would like to. Who wouldn’t like to rant about games and get paid? The reality is though that for us views are simply an indication of how interesting we are and how far we reach, nothing more.Should games be reviewed by people whom have separate jobs or is a paid game reviewer ok? I am not judging, I am simply curious.

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