Remasters Are Essential To The PS4 Library

A Pixelated View makes their case on why these remasters and re-releases are good for the PS4's library.

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Remasters have their place on xbone and ps4 for sure. Its like getting a better video card for your pc. You can see the difference like how it was ment to be played is what I mean. New IPs are much needed on all 3 syetems and PC as well

DualWielding1929d ago

I really don't understand why people get angry about remasters... If I like a game, I will always be open to playing an improved version of it... Am I willing to pay $50.00 to play the last of us again with minor graphical improvements only a year later... of course not I'm willing to pay $20.00 tops, but the earlier the game is released the soonest the price will drop to what I'm willing to pay so don't see why people get mad they didn't hold longer for the remake