PALGN: High School Musical 2: Work This Out Review - You stole the music from me

PALGN writes: "Whether you are firmly entrenched in the High School Musical scene or just have a few Zach Efron obsessed friends, you'd probably be quite aware of the massive hit that is the High School Musical franchise. Based upon the exploits of the East High Wildcats, the High School Musical films are an all singing, all dancing modern day take on the classic movie musical.

High School Musical 2: Work This Out! aims to grow the popularity of the film series by using the plot of the second film as a backdrop for the DS title's adventures. Rather than slinging burgers at the local takeaway, we find the East High crew are spending their summer working at the Lava Springs Resort, pursuing such glamorous work as waitressing, being a lifeguard or driving around a golf cart. Of course away from their work commitments, the gang still finds time to hang out and do a manner of song and dance numbers before a selfish act from Paris Hilton wannabe Sharpay creates a rift between the closeknit group of friends."

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G4drake3782d ago

this game makes me sick