Should PS Plus Members Pay For PlayStation Now?

As Sony finally launches the PlayStation Now Open Beta, a heated debate has begun amongst PlayStation Plus community members on wether this additional instant streaming service should be a free addition to the yearly subscription package they are currently paying for the PlayStation Plus service.

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patelsanjeed1928d ago

Absolutely not. I think Sony should factor loyal PS plus customers into PS Now and give them some sort of discount for the service.

sinncross1928d ago

I think the big problem with making it include with PS+ is that it would mean that certain users in the world (for instance US users) are getting more value for their PS+ compared to everyone else who have not got access to the PS Now service.

blitz06231928d ago

Well it'd be too much if they make it free. Maybe a discount in the prices? Or a discount in a subscription if they ever implement it.

lisamorgan41928d ago

I just can't wait to play PS3 games on my iMac with a DS4 controller! Sweet. Thats really what gets me excited about this service.

xHeavYx1928d ago

PSNow shouldn't be free for PS+ members, but it would be nice to get a discount. I mean, you pay for cable, phone and internet (and get a bundle discount) but you don't expect to get any of those for free

LonDonE1928d ago

Thing is at the very least Sony should allow me to play games i own on my PS3 digital or physical for free using Playstation now! that would be awesome! if i could put in a PS3 game into my console which then allowed me to play it on my PS4 using Playstation now that in itself would convince allot of PS3 gamers to make the jump over to PS4.

And why on earth they dont have a trial for each game is beyond me! they should let us play EVERY GAME for the first 30 or so minutes just to see if we are happy with the performance for said game and then after 30 minutes it locks you out and asks if you want to rent it, that would be better!
Why they have no way of letting people try it out for free is beyond me.

And i think they should make a Playstation plus platinum edition which costs slightly more but allows you unlimited access to Playstation now along with all the regular psn plus benefits and maybe a rewards scheme for loyalty like 10% discount on every purchase on psn store! I WOULD SO BUY IT!!

Or how about giving every Playstation plus gamer a limited amount of free game streams via Playstation now every month?

UltraNova1928d ago

IMO PS now should be released both as a stand alone non PS+ dependent app and for those with PS+ as an add on service with at least 40% discount over the prices found on the stand alone version.

Darkstares1927d ago

Sony has put online multiplayer behind a paywall which complicates things now. So you essentially have one mandatory service competing with a non-mandatory service that looks to fail unless they correct the pricing model or change to a subscription model. Perhaps a better option is to offer a PS+ platinum service that has everything PS+ does and PSNow for $99. PSNow is also going to be available in other regions in the future.

himdeel1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

@Darkstares Publishers including Sony can choose to put multiplayer behind a paywall but not all PS4 mp requires plus.

However, I don't like the pay structure for PSNow and emailed Sony that feedback. I also suggested I'd only use PSNow if it was a subscription based service. I also don't think PSNow should be placed behind the PS+ paywall. But I do think PSNow should be discounted for PS+ users.

I want services like PS+ Live and even EAs services to work and work very well and be reasonable to access.

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joab7771928d ago

They will come around. PS+ members should get any game they for free for 1 day or so many hrs...and 10% discount on rental services or a rent so many, get one. This would simply give us the ability to try a game before renting it.

And I do believe they will come around b/c ultimately I am guessing that they will want this app everywhere for everyone. So PS+ members will b a percentage of the target audience.

insomnium21928d ago

Well a discount is a totally different story than not paying at all.

We get 1 hour free trials with ps+ already.

Once the pricing is done correctly it will be ok. I see some insane commenters below saying 1.99 dollars is too much for 4 hours and that amount should be payed for brand new game rentals. ffs get a grip people. You always have the choise to NOT rent but keep your old consoles around and buy the retail version for that or whatever. No idea why people should sit around here complaining about everything.

XtraTrstrL1928d ago

I think the issue is that there should be no 4 hour option at all. It's gonna feel like a rip-off at any price. Get rid of it and put 1-2 days in it's place.

kparks1928d ago

Im actually good with the prices except the 4hr one is pretty dumb, i think a one day for 2$ would be better and a 20% discount for ps+ members would be sweet but im not expecting it other than that it dont look to bad but some games only have a 7.99 option i dont like that i could pretty much buy it for that

admiralvic1928d ago

"I see some insane commenters below saying 1.99 dollars is too much for 4 hours and that amount should be payed for brand new game rentals. "

Like XtraTrstrL said, it has a lot to do with the fact it's 4-hours. Like I mentioned in another article on the subject, I believe the 4 -hour option exists simply to make the other times look better by contrast. To give you an idea, on average, the week rental is either on par with two 4-hour rentals or slightly less and since it's unlikely you will finish the game in 4 hours and achieving it in 8 hours might require some diminished enjoyment (like minimal to no exploring), a lot of people realize this and simply go for the week that costs more, but is a better "deal." At least in theory anyway. There is a term for this, but I sadly don't recall it (would love for someone to PM me the term though!). Anyway, I also believe this is why the minimal time is 4-hours not 24+, since it's entirely possible to complete the game in a day (big reason why people bring up rentals, since they still seem more viable than PlayStation Now) and thus doesn't have that same reaction to automatically go to the more expensive 7 days.

ramiuk11928d ago

in uk i can get a game for 5 nights for £5 locally(latest releases)
but what they have to remember is there all old games,rentals on net through physical rental stores are the latest games.

i think ps+ platinum that gives psnow sub would be good move.
the problem with people wantin to use there own copies to unlock is something that the should do like they did at launch with digial upgrades but people could maybe just go to a clearance sale and pick them up an sony doenst make any money

gangsta_red1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

I love how some people on here will except anything Sony throws at them and then make compromises like "keep your old system". If it were that easy then why is Sony even creating PSNow.

it's because of convenience, it's because not everyone has an old system, it's because some of these backlog games are not even in print and go for insane prices in stores or ebay.

Stop making excuses and laying down when bad practices or bad prices from these companies come up. If there was no complaining these companies would give less than nothing for an extremely high price.

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jujubee881928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Not sure how Sony will justify any kind of price hike on their subs, but the numbers will spike down after trending up for a while for PS+.

And that would suck for those who want nothing to do with streaming, or that can't even do streaming.

iamnsuperman1928d ago

Why? Why should Sony do that? Sony doesn't have to factor in any locality. Plus gets a lot of bonuses as it is. Now is a completely different service which requires finacially input to work. Remember plus is compulsory for PS4 online users. For a console set to dominate the market what you propose is unfeasible.

What Sony needs to do is bring all subscriptions under on roof. They need to look at Sky and what they have done with bolt on packages. At the moment Sony has unlimited, plus and possibly now coming (a subscription service will come it is just a matter of when not if). They can possibly offer discounts if you bolt on more packages but nothing substantial

Eddie201011928d ago

Their is plenty of value in the PS+ service, why would they owe PS+ subscribers more. People want more and more for free and forget that these company's are in business to make money. That being said, they may in the future offer some kind of discount to PS+ subscribers but if they don't I will still be happy with the PS+ service.

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ArronNelson1928d ago

The Current price is insane! I am not paying that much to play PS3 games!!!!

henrythomas2841928d ago

I disagree, I think $1.99 is nothing to sample a game for 4 hours. At that price you can at least get a decent play and its cheaper than a happy meal.

EdnaJones971928d ago

What planet are you living on!!! $1.99 for 4 hours. What a rip off for old gen games. Maybe if its new IP's like the Division or the Order 1886 is worth that much for streaming

Pillsbury11928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

It really should be .99 or free to try it for 1-4 hours. They have timed 1 hour trials right now that are free on the ps store.

insomnium21928d ago


1.99 dollars for brand new games? For 4 hours? You MUST be joking.

Nitrowolf21928d ago

$1.99 to rent for 4 hours, or $1.99 to rent from Redbox for a day. Decisions Decisions

arkard1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Ahhh the price of convenience... Be able to stream 100+ games or drive to Redbox and have a choice of 5-10 of the same games that everyone has already played. Decisions decisions

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charliewong9801928d ago

I think $1.99 is very reasonable considering it is still open beta, but as a PlayStation Plus member. There is no way I will pay for this and that since, I can play most PS3 games for free based on my subscription.

princejb1341928d ago

Sony isn't a charity company their a business
If ps now is worth it I would pay a yearly fee also

Frankskint1928d ago

Totally agree. I think this service will definitely give Steam a run for its money. The big sell here is when other devices can get access to Sony's game servers.

JackBNimble1928d ago

How is ps now comparable to steam ? You can't stream games on steam , you buy and download them.

FlameHawk1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Holy crap, are you guys serious? They spent 300+ million just to buy Gaikai and then who knows how much on R&D and you expect to get it free? It's like they aren't a business and aren't trying to make their money back. You guys are spoiled as hell.

irokster1928d ago

Unfortunately a lot of people dont realize this.

TimeSkipLuffy1928d ago

money they could rather have spent to develop more cool PS4 launch titles... unfortunately...

insomnium21927d ago

Their devs were working on PS3 games up to the very end of last gen (as they should imo). I bought a PS3 knowing that Sony supports me with games like they always do.

Would you rather them taking the MS route and have only GOW, Motorstorm and R&C for the last 4 years of last gen over and over and over? Eff that!