7 Video Games That Tried, And Succeeded, To Make You Cry Man Tears

We tend to associate video games with frenetic action, be it old-school quarter-munchers like Space Invaders or the more intense first-person shooters of today. Yet, with all of the noticeable evolution in game mechanics and presentation, we’ve also started to see more and more examples of something that most people would never consider a possibility in games back in the 70s: Genuine emotion.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1537d ago

The evil ending of Infamous 2 was pretty sad (the part with cole and zeke.)

LOGICWINS1537d ago

Agreed. The good ending is sadder though IMO.

combatcash1537d ago

Brothers A tale of two sons, having to bury his own brother was pretty sad.

miyamoto1537d ago

The first 16:43 minutes of The Last of Us.

DunDee9101537d ago

Twice in TLOU. Spoiler.....When Sarah dies and Joel was saving Ellie.

LOGICWINS1537d ago

Oh man, u just reminded me of that epic opening sequence with the town going into chaos. Can't wait to get the game next week and relive it in its best form.

BitbyDeath1537d ago

MGS Series, pretty much anyone that is close to Hal dies.
Why do they hate him so!?

oIITSBIIo1537d ago

One time only when Doom died in Gears of war 3 .

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The story is too old to be commented.