Eurogamer: Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Review

Eurogamer writes: "Hopefully yesterday's surprise announcement of Civilization IV: Colonization has quietened strategy gamers' hysteria that this cartoonish, slimline version of Sid Meier's favourite (or at least most lucrative) son might be the long-running series' only future. You don't get much more niche than an out-of-the-blue sequel to a 1994 turn-based PC game about trading rum between America and Europe, after all.

Well, hey. Already I'm probably confusing people who don't know much about Civ. In fact, over two previews, I've talked about how Civ Rev feels, and about how this console rethink differs from more than a decade of PC Civilizations, but what I haven't done is say how it's played. So, for total newcomers, let's take it from the top."

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paul_war3834d ago

Nothing bellow an 8 so far, a very solid game.

Cannot wait till Friday

Lord_Ash3834d ago

I loved the demo and I'm picking this up but it's really a shame they cancelled the PSP version this game would’ve been excellent on the go.

LiquifiedArt3834d ago

Never got into Civ games before. The Turn-based kinda was a turn off but after playing it. It was quite enjoyable. I'll be buying.