Xbox’s Games With Gold Finally Competing on Even Ground with PlayStation Plus, and That’s Awesome

When Microsoft announced the Games With Gold program for Xbox 360 at E3 2013, it was just little short of ridiculous. Lately the offering has finally been evolving into something that can compete on a fairly even ground with PlayStation Plus, and that's awesome for everyone involved.

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lelo1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Lately I found Gold's X1's games offerings more interesting then PS+ PS4 games offerings.

Competition is good.

LOGICWINS1928d ago

And PS Plus had a head start. That makes this even more impressive.

iamnsuperman1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

That is irrelevant really. It isn't like Microsoft had no power amongst publishers before they introduced Games with Gold. Plus laid a groundwork which Microsoft soon released they had to follow since it worked so well (remember Microsoft originally tried to give away games for free for ever which they realised quickly that it doesn't win them favours amongst publishers). Time is irrelevant in this case

Lets just congratulate the service as it is without having to say it is more impressive because of X or Y (when X and Y has no logical place). It is good Microsoft has stepped their game up

dcbronco1928d ago


How can you say Sony laid the groundwork if you also say Microsoft tried giving away free games first. But, correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Microsoft the only one actually giving games away. Sony's games disappear when your account expires don't they?

TFJWM1928d ago

@dcbronco The Xbox1 games also go poof if you do not keep the sub up

iamnsuperman1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

"How can you say Sony laid the groundwork if you also say Microsoft tried giving away free games first. But, correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Microsoft the only one actually giving games away. Sony's games disappear when your account expires don't they?"

Because not only did Sony have sort out their side of the whole process but they had to coerce and convince publishers and developers to believe in this type of service since it was a brand new idea for consoles. This is a lot of work that can't be understated. It is a lot easier to convince publishers to get on board when someone else is doing the same thing already (especially for the last threeish years). This isn't mean devaluing what Microsoft has done but more about what LOGICWINS is talking about

To your other point. Only 360 games are kept for ever (unless they stopped that I am not sure). Exactly like how Plus works, on the Xbox One ones your subscription runs out you can't play the games (the ones you have actively purchase for no money). You just need to renew it to get back that access. The services are identical

Utalkin2me1928d ago

PS+ gives games away on 3 different platforms, end of story. And btw if you do not keep your Xboxlive you loose those games.

dcbronco1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Utalkin you're wrong. As long as the games are played on the console the license is on they work. And the license can be transferred if you buy a new machine. Go ahead fanboys insert RRoD joke there.

I checked and you are right about Xbox One games. But 360 games are the only ones with either program that actually gives you anything. Xbox One and PlayStation plus are just rentals.

FACTUAL evidence1928d ago

I'm sorry but i get free ps3, ps4, and vita games. Ps+ is defo where it's at.

Giul_Xainx1928d ago

Hopefully they have the stamina to keep everything in check.

But with ps+ having an extra years head start to pioneer this type of service, it makes you wonder what Sony's next move is going to be. While games with gold is just starting to build up a library, ps+ already has a big one.

The length of time that a game is available for free matters not. It is wether or not the player is interested in playing the game.

guitarded771928d ago

Oh yeah... well my wiener is bigger than your wiener... blah, blah, blah.

I'm about sick of these stupid ass articles and this same old conversation.

Both Plus and GWG are the best part of those stupid fees we pay for other services too.

Spotie1928d ago

Dcbronco makes a statement that's wrong and gets a well said.

N4G is obviously run by Sony fanboys. /s

Gwg has gotten better, that's for sure. But on par with Plus? That's debatable.

Biggest1928d ago

"And PS Plus had a head start. That makes this even more impressive."

What's more impressive is your ability to use this statement with your history of discounting these types of statements.

Games with Gold is not impressive. Having a month or two of solid games does not put it on even ground with PS Plus. It means that it has had a few months of solid games. Comparing Games with Gold to PS Plus only shows that PS Plus is the better service by a long shot.

sonarus1928d ago

Glad to see improvement but if we want to judge ps plus vs games with gold over the past few months then cool. If you are judging with the head start, its not even close because it is a large head start

fr0sty1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Having a head start doesn't matter as much when dealing with a new console, all you have to choose from is the software that has been released for it, and who among those developers is willing to cut a deal with you to let you give their game away.

shaenoide1928d ago

Years of gold sub are not enough to be called a headstart?

But you're right about competition.

xHeavYx1927d ago

Funny, one month of good offerings and all of the sudden GWG are the best thing ever, I'd say let's wait a couple more months before making this comparison

Boody-Bandit1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

All those articles debating XBL vs PS+ over the years were always so heated. I've been saying for years and especially during this generation that hands down PS+ is the overall better value.

This article proves that was the right assessment since it is now being debating GWG is "trying" to level the playing field. For now though, this is way too early to be debated. MS has to do this for more than a month or 2 before we start discussing this. MS also has to expand their offerings with additional content, discounts, early beta access, and so many other categories PS+ off their subscribers.

So for now PS+ is still the better value. Less expensive and offer their subscribers a lot more than just some free games and discounts. So no, GWG is still not even close to PS+ and wont be until MS does this month after month and expands their offerings with more content than just a couple decent games.

ashcroft1927d ago


You only get to keep them as long as your are susbscribed to gold, similar to ps+

Of course you can use it on another console, since the subscription ties to your account not console.

When your gold sub expires, your games won't work or go to a trial mode.

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incredibleMULK1928d ago

yep, indies blow. bunch of nes games in 2014. Limbo was good. but thats it.

Skizelli1928d ago

You sound like you're not even old enough to remember the arcades, with the bubble count to match.

Clown_Syndr0me1928d ago

I like to see Outlast running on NES...

ashcroft1927d ago

As if you knew anything about the nes! Zelda,metroid,SMB3, TMNT2, Double Dragon.

Indies are the majority that still care about putting out something that's fun and not something stupid that try to cover it up with stunning visuals.

No wonder you have one bubble, just like major publishers, all talk and no substance. :P

ashcroft1927d ago


Forget Outlast, Monster Party scared the crap out of me when I was little. That and Maniac Mansion.

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SpeedDemon1928d ago

One difference, Sony will only give games that have a 70 or higher Metacritic score. Microsoft doesn't really have standards as to what they give out and sometimes give some not so great games(like Crimson Dragon this month, which has gotten some pretty bad reviews).

mixolydian_id1928d ago

Metacritic scores?

Just who trolls the web to even leave reviews on there? Disappointed customers or happy customers?

It's about as useful as Rotten Tomatoes is for movies.

The critics slam a movie... but then the average joe enjoys it. But just who is right?

If there are a potential 200,000 gamers.... and 200 of them go online and post how they feel on N4G. Does that mean that the N4g opinions are the word of god?

I can't be bothered to get the calculator out, but we're looking at something like 0.001% of the gaming population.

Surely, you can't believe everything you see on the internet. There are more articles with fallacious information then there are gamers in the world.

admiralvic1928d ago

"Sony will only give games that have a 70 or higher Metacritic score. "

Like I keep pointing out, that remark was mostly in reference to what "great" and "high scoring" meant in SCEE advertisements. If you actually take the time to look into the games, you'll see that Sony has given away several <70 games over the years (some being REALLY low if you include day 1 titles like Chronovolt - 44 or Contrast - 59). To further prove this point, here are some <70 titles that were free with Plus:

Modnation Roadtrip - 62
Dynasty Warriors Next - 67
Malicious - 67
Doki Doki Universe - 66 (technically this score), 62 , 71
Poker Night 2 - 63
Germinator - 67
Zombie Tycoon 2 - 63
Labyrinth Legends - 68

I mean, I found 10 in the past year (Doki Doki is a current offering no less) by just looking at a list and going "I doubt that scored high."

Mr_Writer851927d ago


The metacritic score applies to the PS3 games only.

And that was for the first year only.

SpeedDemon1927d ago

@mixolydian I was going by the critic scores not the user scores. Sure I've enjoyed a few games that have gotten some bad reviews, but most of the games that I have played with bad scores deserve the bad critics rating.

@admiralvix at the time those games were given out they did have a 70 or higher score, apart from Doki-Doki which was given away along with the other 2 monthly games last month.

admiralvic1927d ago

@ Mr_Writer85

Now I know for a fact thats just not true. I know the SCEE site still mentioned the Metacritic stuff until the redesign (so around when the PS4 launched it changed or 6 months ago~). There is also the article below that also makes a strong case the other way.

@ SpeedDemon

"At the time those games were given out they did have a 70 or higher score"

Thats not actually true. Malicious actually got an article pointing out it didn't meet the Metacritic requirement when it was offered. You're also free to verify if anyone refuted the claim (I mean, it would be easy to disprove), yet people just talked about how stupid it's to go off Metacritic ratings (something I 100% agree with and thought about including in my original post). You can also see interesting things like...

"Blastoise + 473d ago
Lord of the rings war in the north was on 60 something and they put it on. Glad they did to be honest, I enjoyed it
#4Agree(21) | Disagree(1) "

You're also welcome to actually look at the Metacritic pages for these games and you'll see things like ModNation Racers (given away on 2/24/2014) has yet to get a review on Metacritic since 2012 or that Poker Night 2 was also not updated since it released for Plus. But choose to believe what you want to believe.

SpeedDemon1927d ago

@admiralvic After looking further into it, I guess you're right, tho they do seem to at least attempt to stand by it, having given 210(only counting NA) games away, I imagine it would be hard to find something that qualifies that they haven't already given away before.

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PurpleDragon961928d ago

The thing is, a lot of these "impressive" games have already appeared on PS+...

I don't mean to say that Games with Gold isn't improving, I'm just saying we need to compare objectively, and not just on a month for month basis!


Free games are great on both ps plus and live.

Sevir1927d ago

A few months from now PS+ offering for PS4 will be better, there isn't much in the way of AAA releases on either platform. Both GWG and PS+ on next gen platforms have large been subjected to paltry indie releases, some impressive and addictive like Resogun and Strider, while others not so great. The program is in its infancy on PS4 and XBO the platform currently doesn't have large libraries of AAA games to do this with and right now, developers and publishers are having to recoup dev cost for what they released on PS4/XBO...

This year, in the fall I think we'll see AC4 Thief and TR:DF on PS+ along with Driveclub.

TheSaint1928d ago

Only the current one IMO, the last two were pretty uninspired.

liquidhalos1927d ago

I personally have found the last 2 months of ps+ (for ps4) to be pure drivel. I keep saying thus but here's hoping next month is better

C-H-E-F1927d ago

3 platforms to 1 yet that is on par? Lol cute

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Bonkerz1928d ago

I have to agree, we have been getting some solid titles free, as well as great discounts. Newer games like wolfenstein have been price cut it was i believe 40 bucks. Great work so far, seems like they are really listening to us.

GusBricker1928d ago

Crimson Dragon is pretty awesome once you get a dragon that doesn't suck.

KillerByte231928d ago

Or add stallion83 to your friends list and use is hire his dragon as a wingman and you will do beast from the moment you start the game

GusBricker1928d ago

Yeah, wingmen make the game way too easy.

700p1928d ago

Which is definitely great news. I've been downloading quite a lot of great free games as of late.

tee_bag2421927d ago

Not sure how you can call them 'free' if you loose them when you stop subscribing. It's more akin to leasing.

700p1927d ago

they're free if i dont need to purchase them. Also you dont lose the games....what?

greenyboi1928d ago

Enjoying crimson dragon more than i thought i would . I have enjoyed all the games we have got with gwg so far keep up the good work ms.( although we all know that lococycle is coming next month heard some bad things about that game)

GusBricker1928d ago

How do you know LocoCycle is coming next month?

I'm actually shocked it wasn't the first game MS gave away with GWG.

iamnsuperman1928d ago

I hope they never give it away. Microsoft needs to set a baseline for titles like Sony does with Plus (a game has to be over a certain score to be considered for the service). It is good to take risks with new titles (being unknown) but the stuff that has already proven to be bad needs to stay away from Games with Gold

shinrock1928d ago

True, i was hoping they would have gotten that one out of the way 1st!

Lococycle.... lol!

FanboyKilla1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

lococycle nooooooooooooooooo!!!! please nooooooooooooooooo. the only thing more stupid than that is octodad. noooooooooooo!!!

i have been enjoying the games as of late. dont know what sony is doing with plus. give us something interesting. you know its bad when you cant enjoy a free game. im not talking to a person with every sony device lol. hell they should give you something for that. i speak for ps4 only. give us killzone or knack, i promise we wont be buying them. go sony.

hey, do any of you know how to tell if you have a playstation, or a gaystation? i kid i kid he he heee

greenyboi1928d ago

I don't know its going to be lococycle just a guess i hope i am wrong but i am guns call strider and lococycle next month .just a guess if i wanted to hope i hope for child of light and valiant hearts

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cfc781928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

How bad can it be when it's for free.


I never said I wanted it on there but if it's on there anyway then why not.

iamnsuperman1928d ago

Because reputation is important. Bad titles need to stay off these kind of services. It doesn't matter if they are free you want the free offerings to be at least well regarded

dcbronco1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

The problem is bad can sometimes be subjective. There are games that get panned by the general public based on group think. I judge everything for myself. The public can often be feeble minded.

memots1928d ago

i bough lococycle on steam sale this summer at 1.99$ its a terrible game, i wish i would have kept my $2, i played for about 30 minutes and was done with it.