Sony's PlayStation 3 still rocks..and we tell you why

Even though the PlayStation 4 (PS4) closing in on its first anniversary in a few months time, it is still far behind the install base of the PlayStation 3 (PS3). The PS3 is now around eight years old and has a fantastic library of blockbuster titles to chose from.

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randomass1711627d ago

Still play mine quite a lot. I'm sure I'll still turn it on from time to time even after I have my PS4 and that's mostly because it still has some games coming out that I want.


its a good bang for your buck that for sure. I love mine.

LightDiego1627d ago

Tales of Xillia 2, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and Persona 5, that's why.

itBourne1627d ago

Yeh, jrpgs are still coming out on ps3, my ps3 and vita are my jrpg machines lol.

Inception1627d ago

Don't forget Tales of Zestiria, Ar Nosurge, and Natural Doctrine

wastedcells1627d ago

Persona 5 alone is worth it but I'm kinda sceptical that it's not coming out for ps4. They still have tons of time to port it over even if it's exactly the same but with slightly improved graphics. But then again any successful PS3 game coming out in the future will probably get a PS4 version for sure 6 months after release.

styferion1627d ago

tried and true JRPG catalogue is why PS is always my go-to consoles, never disappoint me since the first console.

Quofo1627d ago

Fallout > all those games you listed.

Bhuahahaha1627d ago

you forgot fairy fencer f

Quofo1627d ago

All you kids disliking my comment are just mad because you like watching hentai on your free time. Hentai and JRPG's go hand in hand.

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Meltic1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Havent played Heavy rain and beyond two souls Before so its my goal to play them Before i say bye bye to my ps3. Wont sell it. Have Ps1,ps2,ps3,ps4. You never know if you sometimes go back and play some old videogames.

bmf73641627d ago

Oh god, I remember seeing a Kotaku article of a HAL Labs dev (Kirby/smash bros) who had loads of Playstation content from 1994-201? stored on his launch-model PS3 and it yellow-lighted on him on that year and he was a bit devastated about it.

NA&JP launch PS3's had full backwards compatability and Sony sold memory card transfer cables to send all that data from stored PSone/2 memory cards onto the PS3's HDD.

Launch model PS3's had a 20% failure rate (I'm just throwing numbers but it's way lower than the Fat X360's 60% failure rate) and even so, it still YLOD on him and it made him move on from Playstation entirely.

If it wasn't for the launch model's failure rate, I would just buy a 60GB PS3, swap the HDD and trash my PS2/one and keep one whole system. But the PS2's emotion engine conflicted with CELL inside that model so Sony had to cut PS2 compatability.

Pillsbury11627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

It will always rock as there are so many timeless games on it. I have a huge back catalog of games to finish thanks to ps plus. I constantly go back to play classics like TLoU and cod4.

joab7771627d ago

I traded in TLOU today and got the new one for like $10 with all the dlc. Definitely worth it.

But other than Dark Souls 2, I haven't played ps4 since Nov.15th. There had been plenty to play, especially with FF14.

Ripsta7th1627d ago

Where was this? Because gamestop only offers $25 TLOU ps3 version. I smell BS

wastedcells1627d ago

Damn I forgot about that and I grabbed remastered. Still have my ps3 version. Not worth trading it in but I'll probably put it on when it hits open beta next week.

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