5 things that SEGA need to do with the next Yakuza game

Continue Play's Shehzaan Abdulla discusses what he feels are 5 things that SEGA needs to address in the next Yakuza game.

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Yi-Long1928d ago

They should localize it DURING production.

Just get a couple of English-writing people in there while they make the game, so that can just include English subs when the game is being made, instead of having to do it all afterwards.

Also, I would like to see much more collectibles and mini-games, and just go wild with the Sega-stuff, so a Streets of Rage arcade, collectable Sega figurines, artwork, etc etc.

morganfell1928d ago

The first thing they need to do is bring 5 to the US. Games with continuity start to become less welcome when they skip iterations.

FarEastOrient1928d ago

When a game is developed in the west, the various languages are conducted close to each other. Just look at how many languages needs to be completed just to meet the EU marketplace. Why do Square Enix, Capcom, Sega, etc... wait till the last minute to and add unnecessary 6 months+ and force markets bigger than theirs to wait.

Articuno761928d ago

Yakuza 5 actually made an online versus capable version of Virtua Fighter 2 in it so it would be tough for them to top that :P But a Streets of Rage mini-game? Well, that might just do it!

showtimefolks1928d ago

still waiting on yakuza 5

how about a Yakuza collection including all Yakuza games for ps4

will never happen but as a long time fan who have bought every yakuza games at launch/at full price, yet can't get yakuza 5 in the west


i couldn't agree more my friend, that way we can get the game from japan and have to ability to play it with english subs

Qrphe1927d ago

It's cheaper to contract someone to translate after the project is done rather than during. If there is something SEGA doesn't like doing is spending money on Yakuza.

Articuno761927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Recent reports on Games Industry back up that Sega isn't treating games as a priority, saying that they've only released one retail game last quarter (Persona Q in Japan) and are surviving on their Pachinko business.

Sadly, it looks like the Sega of today is an amusements company first and a videogame company second. And naturally that means not spending much on games, including the Yakuza series (which I'd imagine are funded by product placement).

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Summons751928d ago

1 bring it to the west.
2 bring it to the west with the last 3 bundled or localized individually.
3 stop ignoring western fans
4 listen to western fans
5 remember that's outside of Japan is a thing.

Goro1928d ago

I will not rest until Yakuza 5 is brought to the west!

Inception1927d ago

The only thing sega need to do is to localize Y5, Ishin, Kenzan, Black Panther 1 & 2, and HD collection. For HD collection, i'm a bit confused that they not bring it to the west when they already localized Y1 & 2...

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The story is too old to be commented.