EA Access subscription service for Xbox One: Is it worth the trouble?

Tech Times: "EA went ahead and announced its "EA Access" subscription service for the Xbox One. It's exclusive to that console because Sony doesn't view it as a good deal for PlayStation 4 owners. We're going to look at whether or not this service is worth its weight in gold, can it be successful, and should Sony reconsider its decision to give it the cold shoulder."

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nicksetzer11931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Worth what trouble? It took like 3 minutes to apply to the beta and try it ...

"Is it worth it's weight in gold?" Well, I think it is. As of right now the back log is a bit underwhelming, but in a year or two it will be an insanely good deal, even now the price seems extremely fair and the presentation is pretty nice as well. Just download the full game as if you own it and play it, simple as that. Obviously not everyone will be akin to this though, that's just the nature of any market.

Bigpappy1931d ago

I like the early access and discounts on all digital downloads. The rest of it is gravy. Some will prefer the access to old games. That may come in handy in the summer draughts, but not my main interest, as I mostly only have time for what I make time to play. So I only play what I find intriguing, and not many games meet my needs... even when they are reviewed at 9 and 10 out of 10.

Eonjay1931d ago

Sony rejected EA Access because of Titanfall. EA will bring it to their service. Its simple. EA is not Activision. There IPs have different outlooks.

Deadpoolio1931d ago

EA already confirmed that NO Titanfall will not be added to EA access period....

and that discount LOL, people cry about $55 dollar games from gamestop. Yet a $5 discount YES 10% of $60 is about $5 on a digital game you'll never be able to trade..Pretty funny that suddenly people are praising a $5 discount

Grown Folks Talk1930d ago

Depends @Deadpoolio. I only buy digital if it's a game I know i'll keep forever due to replay value, so paying $53.99 vs $59.99 isn't bad to me. All of this value is subjective, just like game X is better than game Z.

blackout1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Not to knock anyone. But if Sony would have been down with this it would have been the best thing since sliced bread. If you look at past articles and comments the PS fan want a subscription service as well (PS Now) . This is just the start PS+ did not start out with four games, early trials. It took time for + and now GWG to get started. I really don't understand the hate, if your a gamer the $30 subscription pays for itself with more to come. Rome was not build in a day neither will this but in time this may be a thing of the past. This is something publishers and developers want, especially since this gen is supposed to be more expensive than what it was in the past. When others get down with this (and believe me there will be more) us as gamers need to show our support and stop crying for EVERYTHING to be FREE.

Sm00thNinja1931d ago

^^^ this. I know its EA but ps4 gamers would be ecstatic if it were them and currently PS NOW isn't a worthy substitute. I say give it a shot until EA jacks up the price or reveals "the catch". Right now it's a real deal and if this is microsofts model for publishers in the future we all win

objdadon1931d ago

I have no interest in paying a subscription to play games that i would already have 9 months ago on release. It makes no sense and if other publishers follow suit then we are headed to the end of gaming as we know it!

Sitdown1931d ago

How would it be the end of gaming, when as you stated, you still have the option of purchasing games at release date? That's like saying it will be the end of theaters because you can subscribe to cable and watch the movie 9 months later.

Sm00thNinja1931d ago

Freedom of choice and Microsoft is letting me choose rather than decide what's best for my wallet

MorePowerOfGreen1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Agreed with most of what you said.

"But if Sony would have been down with this"

Sony's PR released a damage control spiteful reactionary comment that was spun into Sony being offered the service and rejected EA.

Until Sony Higher ups come out and say what the supposed Sony rep Email says it's just comforting spin. Sites wanting click bait or to do damage control and downplay ran with the spin(every article about it is based from the email)

Maybe a PS4 fanboy can link me to where Sony officially tells us what happened.

Lots of things being spun into fiction lately.

*If Sony had the service too* it would have been the best thing since sliced bread

Eonjay1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Actually its pretty clear what happened. If you read between the lines, they consider the subscription fee an affront to Plus and whatever PSNow subscription they are selling.

If PSNow is a success, what are the profits that could be seen by EA as a participating publisher; VS a EA specific sub fee. It is completely plausible to say, that EA looked at potential revenues from an almost certainly PSNow subscription service and decided to cut out the middleman. The did have Titanfall after all...

And Titanfall leads to another plausible situation. One assumes that EA will leverage Titanfall to increase subscriptions to their service. If Sony had allowed this on their console, you wind up with a situation where the value of EA Access on PS4 is less that what PlayStation members would appreciate.

shinrock1931d ago

If they fess up wont they have to fess up to backing out of the drm plan as well?

ziggurcat1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )


Everything is a conspiracy with you, isn't it...

Does it pain you that much to know that Sony turned down EA's offer that you have to make up some BS conspiracy? There's plenty of information online that points to Sony turning down the offer because it doesn't offer very much value. What good is a service like that when EA has games that aren't available on playstation consoles?

Seriously... Pull your head out of misterx's rear end, and get a clue.

"Lots of things being spun into fiction lately."

Yes, and you're guilty of a good majority of that fiction.

Shaner_Bock1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

@ Eonjay

Titanfall is excluded from all EA Access features per the fine print at the bottom of the official web page.

I was interested in EA Access, also, but after reading the terms of service I've changed my mind.
Here's why:

As part of the EA Access Services, members with an active subscription are offered (1) the ability to play a limited trial of certain EA Content 5 days prior to the date that EA Content is otherwise available on the Xbox Marketplace (“Play First”), (2) discounts on EA Content offered through the Xbox Marketplace (“Discounts”); and (3) access to a limited library of certain EA Content (“Vault Title(s)”) for unlimited online play (“Vault Access”) for the duration of their availability in the Vault. Limitations and exclusions may apply. For upcoming EA Content eligible for Play First and Discounts, and for current EA Content available in the Vault, and current details on other membership benefits, see Certain EA Content may be excluded from Play First, the Vault, and/or Discounts; see for details on such exclusions as they become available.

Long story short, "The Vault" titles will change when EA wants them to. You can play BF4 all you want until they pull it from "The Vault" and replace it with something else. However, you can still buy the digital copy for 10% off.

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yarbie10001931d ago

Do you have the games offered? Do you want the early access and discounts?

Is it worth it to you?

PS...there is no wrong answer

chrisarsenalsavart1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

A 10% reduction on psn or xbl means nothing since most of their prices are already 10 to 15% higher than on any high street shops. Fact
Fifa14 psn/xbl£59.99 GAME £52.00

Dark_Overlord1930d ago

And if you avoid GAME, you can find it even cheaper still :)

objdadon1931d ago

We already get early access, they're called demos!

itisallaboutps1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Early access is just simply delaying the game for everyone else. Kind of like dlc already made for a game. You don't know it but you are being shafted

Discounts on digital games. Where they get more profit than out a full hard disk copy even with the discount.

Ot just doesnt do it for me. I wanted to csncel my psn destiny pre order and i can't no more digital titles for me.

Bonkerz1931d ago

Sorry but what exactly is the trouble? lol, it literally takes seconds to sign up and your downloading the games.

objdadon1931d ago

Don't want it on playstation and haven't and won't sign up on my xbox one! Tell ea to kick rocks with last year's version of madden and fifa! Lmao! !!!

cfc781931d ago

I don't see what's bad about it so far I'll be giving it a go but I do have a sneaky suspicion that EA will raise the price once the library starts to get bigger.

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