The Top 10 Badass Good Guys in Modern Gaming

There are a lot of good guys who really ride the line between saint and sinner. They might be on an honorable quest to right the wrongs of the bad guys but that doesn’t mean they have to be good while they’re doing it. Hell... they might only be one bad deed away from being a villain.

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whybag1929d ago

Kratos is just about the perfect example of protagonist not being synonymous with "good". He doesn't care if he ruins the whole world through floods, plagues, or anything; he wants to kill the gods for pure revenge. I love GoW, but he is not a good guy.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I wouldn't necessarily call Kratos a "good guy" but ok. He doesn't give a damn about anyone.

Gamer7771929d ago

Kratos is a bad guy;even his anti-hero status is debatable among fans of the God of War series.

Persian_Immortal1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Kratos a good guy well during his early life yes he was the General of the Spartan army he had unprecedented amount of love and respect for his soldiers a true Spartan hero a man of integrity honour and passion he was dedicated to the cause and that was clearly proven on the battlefield.

Kratos sacrificed himself for the greater good to save his army alongside himself, innocent woman and children at the hands of the merciless barbarians. When the Persians invaded Kratos encountered the Persian King whom at his death made Kratos an offer to give him all the riches he can have alongside his Persian woman Kratos denied him and finished the job. His loyalty is beyond that of a Dog one of the biggest personality traits of a hero. Kratos lived a troubled life his brother was taken away from him, he was tricked into killing his own family, he protected the gods including Helios and defeated their enemies and they failed on delivering their own promises they made to him, yet with all that he continued to do the work of gods and served them faithfully.

While they continued to destroy and take everything away from him, his soul, his humanity, his prestige, his family, his throne, he was bound to explode on them and become the Ghost Sparta. Furthermore all the pain and anguish he suffered would turn any man into a monster.
Also the ending of God Of War 3 Kratos killed himself and gave all his powers to the people and empowered them he even released all the trapped souls sounds like he redeemed himself in my books Anti-Hero would be best to describe him.

oIITSBIIo1929d ago

Geralt should be 1# or 2# at least .
Adam jensen deserves a place in the list .

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