Wii U Could Potentially Outsell The PS4 With A Few Key Tactics

One Angry Gamer "The Wii U in Japan is already outselling the PS4 hand-over-fist, week-in and week-out. Nintendo’s console already more than doubles the install base of the PS4 in Japan and it looks like that lead will continue on through the end of summer and throughout fall (assuming the current sales trend keeps on running like a marathon sprinter on a treadmill). However, Nintendo still needs to best the PS4 by a large margin in Europe, or by consistently catching up to their sales quotas in America. There are a few ways they could do this within the span of a year."

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stuna11929d ago

Potentially is no guarantee! Although it's good that the WII U is showing an increase in sells, I just think the PS4 is marketed at a different end of the spectrum of gamers, and at points encompasses the WII U portion of the gaming market, but I don't think the WII U does the same.

Thatguy-3101929d ago

Nintendo system just caters to the Nintendo fan base. Ps4 has a broad appeal to the common gamer which is the reason why it flew off the shelves. This occurred within the first year so it's crazy how much it has sold in so little time. The next few years I just find it hard to not see it leading the pack in consoles sold.

randomass1711929d ago

I like to keep a positive head, but saying Wii U will outsell PS4 is quite a stretch. I am confident that doing these things will make it outsell Xbox One though. I think this generation will go Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft for consoles sold.

jcnba281929d ago

"Ps4 has a broad appeal to the common gamer which is the reason why it flew off the shelves."

Lol no. It flew off the shelves due to hype therefore the system was bought by A LOT of casuals.

BiggerBoss1929d ago

The ps4 has tons of hype and popularity behind it, and when the big hitters are released, it will definitely stay in first place for the remainder of this gen.

@randomass, I feel the Wii U could stay ahead of Xbox one if they step up the marketing. As it is though, MS is putting big money behind XbOne's advertising

wonderfulmonkeyman1929d ago

The PS4 got marketing right during E3 with its Microsoft bashing, and it's ridden that wave to popularity.
That's why it's selling; because they fed into the console war fanboys desire to see their console makers rip each other apart.

BullyMangler1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I thought this was a (gaming) site, not a saLes figures community lol sales sales sales.

ps4 leading the way in sales in other parts of the planet.

wiiU dominating this gen with higher quality, more challenging games.

Skips1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )


You obvliously don't know jack about the market if you really believe casuals are the type of gamers to trasition first between generations. LMAO

It's usually the minority and hard core fans who go out and buy these consoles when they're at their highest in terms of expense.

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Concertoine1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

He says the Wii U is outselling the PS4 hand-over-fist in Japan, what a bunch of BS.

They're both selling poorly and the Wii U routinely outsells it by about 2k which is nothing, almost negligble if it weren't for the fact that they're both selling so bad.

@randomass above

I think Nintendo could totally outsell MS with the addition of their appeal to the Japanese market, but MS is really being aggressive with their console and the third party support they have over the Wii U is a huge win. I honestly wouldnt put money down on either one.

randomass1711929d ago

You are absolutely right about that. Though I don't know if third party support is a huge strength for Microsoft when almost all of it is on PS4 and a lot of the time with better performance. Microsoft fans will gladly enjoy them for sure but the rest of the market I can see leaning toward PS4 and possibly Wii U as a secondary console.

eferreira1929d ago

If mario kart can't move more units for the wii u. Smash definitely won't.

ReesesPuffs1929d ago

Because nearly 3 million copies sold in a month and 500,000 Wii U's sold is nothing. Name one exclusive on the PS4 or Xbox One that has done that.

joab7771929d ago

It's b/c more than anywhere else in the world, Japan is all about software and as soon as jrpgs start pouring out, the system will sell better and take the #1 spot. It's why the psi is selling so well now too. It has a ton of releases coming this yr.

And jrpgs do not showcase stunning graphics etc. that take advantage of the ps4 ' advantages so it isn't that important right now.

N4g_null1929d ago

What is funny is the ps4 has a 2 million console lead on the wiiu. Yet the ps4 almost doubles the xbone. The wiiu has zero hype and no 3rd party support. I think it is a strong contender for the number one spot. Fanboys have been trying to kill the wiiu for years now. It just will not die. It is going to take a ps2 level event. The ps4 numbers are still good but lots of people are not going to be satisfied with some remaster or the current line up. The games are not coming fast enough.

I'm wondering how long will sony fans wait for games that are good like starhawk. Does sony fans even want traditional video games? There is something casual about just wanting good stories or just online play only.

Nintendo obviously has gotten use to hd development. The indy tools are getting better. A nice list of Nintendo franchises are coming. Most people who have a ps4 or xbone are going to get it as a second console. That is fine but if that does happen then the wiiu ends up on top.

So you have a pool of 8+4 million gamers that could get a wiiu added with the 6 million they already had. That is potentially 12 million gamers just there.

Gamer19821928d ago

Not gonna happen it wont sell it out in Japan for much longer either once the games for PS4 finally get out in Japan. I have a WiiU and love it but the lack of third party and older tech is killing it. Wii had a massive hook of motion that this console doenst have as people are over that now.

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iamnsuperman1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Most of these suggestion won't do anything but sustain any momentum the Wii U has now. A lot of these things appeal to Nintendo fans, young children and the niche. Nintendo fans fine but Nintendo has been doing fan service for some time now. The younger audience is always going to be a misstep without trying to get their parents on board. Problem with the Amiibo line is to parents and children they are basically the same thing as already established systems on competing platforms. For fans, or people like me, it is different but they aren't enough for what your proposing.

What Nintendo needs to do is what you mentioned at the end. This does not mean securing a third party exclusive (problem being third party sales generally suck on Nintendo system. It doesn't matter why it just make negotiating a decent deal impossible). Instead they need the next big thing (most likely first party) to get the outcome your proposing which is nothing short of a miracle.

The PS4 has something the Wii U hasn't had since launch at that is the go to console amongst the people who don't go on sites like this. That is what Nintendo need to, some how, change. Problem is Nintendo suffers from a lack of third party support and no matter what people say about exclusive some, if not the majority, of our most important games are third party. The need to secure that first before they can think about matching the PS4 sales

admiralvic1929d ago

After reading this article I can't help but wonder if the author really understands the Wii U or what is going on in the world. I mean, a $50 price cut combined with a SSB bundle and some AAA titles are great (pretty much all the article says), but if it was that easy thats what everyone would be doing. However, these are all the "go to" answers that "journalists" use for their shake and bake opinion pieces.

If you want to know what Nintendo needs to do to potentially outsell the PS4 and become the market leader is to start by going to developers and trying to get them to come back. We've already seen a few developers say they don't know what to do with the gamepad, other developers fail to implement what really should be standard features (off-TV play for 1001 Spikes comes to mind) and more, which Nintendo needs to prevent and simply having the largest install base isn't going to instantly make the Wii U get strong third party support and tons of exclusives. The other thing Nintendo REALLY needs to do is push the eShop. Despite being around for ages, you almost never hear anyone bring up the eShop and that is largely due to Nintendo under utilizing it. What they really should do is go back to what they were doing with Luigi U and LoZ WW HD and release the games a little early via the eShop and then sell them in retail stores. This would increase interest and ideally get the store up and running or at least push the smaller games like Mighty Switch Force (very fun game btw) and tell people that their eShop is more than just a dumping ground for virtual console titles.

Finally, Nintendo really needs to step outside of their comfort zone and not try to control everyone. For instance, the limits they put on Mario Kart 8's voice chat were silly and they should have really done the same thing as friend codes and get rid of them. They should also listen to all the complaints and finally make Club Nintendo something that people enjoy by either adding more rewards or using it as a marketing tool. Like instead of offering the Wii U games you already devalued with your NES 30th birthday sale or offering the 3DS ambassador games and instead offer things that promote other things. Offer Mighty Switch Force to push 2, NES Remix (not as a platinum reward) to increase interest n 2, sell Super Luigi U to motivate new Super Mario Bros. U buyers to get it and see what their DLC is like or just motivate people to get Mario Kart 8 for the promo that ended a few days ago.

Sure this takes a lot more planning / effort, but making the most of your promotions, services and products is a fantastic way to get more supporters is a great way to increase word of mouth and that means sales.

WilliamUsher1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

"The other thing Nintendo REALLY needs to do is push the eShop."

Strong eShop support is good, but that's only going to affect people who already have the console. Nintendo needs to focus on people who don't own a Wii U.

I think their efforts to bring in more indie devs and widen the appeal of the Wii U's development structure with partnerships with Unity is brilliant. If they could land a similar deal with Crytek (which shouldn't be hard given their current financial situation) it might help boost more appeal to the console's indie sector having strong(er) support from engines like CryEngine.

However, again, that's still appealing to the niche and people who are already aware of the console.

"Finally, Nintendo really needs to step outside of their comfort zone and not try to control everyone"

I agree and disagree -- I think they're showing some lenience with second party games utilizing Nintendo branded characters outside of their typical comfort zones, which is good. However, I think keeping a tight lid on how people access their content should stay the way it is considering their image. We have Sony and MS offering the sort of Wild West online structure that people crave (and abhor). Nintendo really doesn't need to go down that route.

N4g_null1929d ago

Crytek would be a huge move for nintendo. Those guys need nintendo's design expertise and Nintendo needs to learn from some of the smartest and industry standard focused development teams.

The e shop will be a bigger deal once the account system Iwata talked about rolls out.
It is smart to pay attention to what sony, ms and the pc market is doing. You have to do more than that. First it was valve now ea Wanting to start their own pay to play services.

This is a virtual arcade service. The industry is changing.

patrik231929d ago

"Wii U Could Potentially Outsell The PS4 With A Few Key Tactics"


with it's biggest exclusive - mario kart - it sold 140k in june NPD, half of PS4 sales.

wii u is dead.

Vitalogy1929d ago

And the funniest part of all this is that the author thinks that other companies don't have "a few key tactics" as well *sigh*

Spotie1929d ago

Of what?

Sorry, but no matter how hard you fanboy, reality's not in line with your nonsense.

maniacmayhem1927d ago


Of what? Well maybe because the Wii did outsell the PS3. And even though the WiiU is doing well at the moment no one knows what the future may hold.

Mario Kart 8 proves that the WiiU needs titles and it will sell. So the only one fanboy-ing around here is you and your troll friend patrik that you refused to acknowledge. Even tho you constantly complain about fanboys.

deafdani1928d ago

Are you telling me that Mario Kart 8 sold 140k Wii U consoles in june?

If that's true, then it's impressive... because Mario Kart 8 came out june 29th in Japan, and june 30th in America.


Now, I'm curious to know how many Wii U consoles were sold in july. That probably would be a little better of an indicator of Mario Kart's selling power as far as consoles go (we already know the game itself sold almost 3 million copies in a single month).

deafdani1928d ago

My bad, guys. Mario Kart 8 came out at the end of May, not june.

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