The Rumor About Nintendo Management Wanting to get rid of Iwata is 100% False

A rumor went up the other day that Nintendo's board members were hatching a plan to get rid of their president and CEO Satoru Iwata. However, new information has been revealed that 100% debunks that story.

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iamnsuperman1931d ago

Rumour comes from GAF. Internet takes it. Then a GAF user discredits it as it comes from GAF. Yet the discrediting is coming from GAF. All in all both don't show proof of anything. Hardly confirmation rumours are false. Nor does it confirm they are true. Just rumours

XiNarutoUzumaki1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Keep Calm and Please Understand!

guitarded771931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )


This rumor is being delivered directly to YOU.

uptownsoul1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

But the original GAF post cites another source, so is the Biz Journal Japanese site that GAF originally uses incorrect?…(source: )

I do admire the guy who runs Player Essence who fervently defends Nintendo to the hilt on everything

LOL_WUT1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Sad I was hoping it be true as Nintendo needs some drastic change ;)

Theyellowflash301931d ago

Well its not, so deal with it

Concertoine1931d ago


Im not a huge fan of Iwata but this leak was from someone primarily disliking him for refusing to produce content for smartphones. I think the company needs new leadership but not someone who wants to vastly decrease the value of their brand just to make a quick buck.

randomass1711931d ago

Well said Concertoine. I personally don't dislike Iwata but he can't be president forever and I'd rather not see a president who will turn Nintendo into a mobile company. I would like to see a president who will embrace the internet more though.

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BiggerBoss1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Rumors disproving rumors? Now I've seen it all lol

Dunban671931d ago

I would not be surprised if the rumor is false - however, how is this info proving it to be false? Didn t the original article sourced come from a reputable Japanese business journal? Or is this article indicating the Japanese business journal formed its story based on information from Neogaf- this is all hard to follow

Doesn t it seem unlikely that a business journal in Japan would base its story from post in Neo gaf?

Thanks for any clarification

JacketsNest1011931d ago

The business journal only gives a publishing date, not a publishing time. Chances are it most likely is false, but this proves nothing.

Dunban671931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

The best I can tell- for the article saying they have proofed the story to be false is flat out wrong - they have not offered clarification or any evidence that the original article came from Neo gaf - saying it is false is poor research sourcing or just wishful thinking-

IMO the original story is unimportant weather there is truth to it or not- that is simply business and business politics and happens all the time to some level
But saying they have proof the story is wrong by attributing it to Neo gaf when a business journal in Japan is the source is just strange - unless they are willing and able to offer clarification they don t have proof of anything

-Foxtrot1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )


Anyway what a shame. I was hoping we would get rid of him before he puts his "ideas" into the next gen console. However with the rumor I DON'T want the games on smart phones so I'm in the middle here.

All I want for next gen is a decent powered Nintendo console which can keep up with at least most multiplatform games from big publishers/developers and have a standard controller in the shape of the Gamecube controller. With Iwata that's not going to happen, they'll find another "gimmick" to try and sell the console with, as it's unique feature and neglect features which Sony/Microsoft have had since last gen.

I don't want him to leave Nintendo completely just be demoted to a lower where he's still at the idea table but if he comes up with something it CAN be shot down if others don't agree.

randomass1711931d ago

After googling his profile it turns out he has quite a lot of credits in Nintendo games even before becoming president. Maybe he should be a game design consultant or something like that? I think he has better ideas for software than hardware.

N4g_null1931d ago

Do you really think it is hard to make an over spec machine for gaming and totally price yourself out of the market.

Sure it would be great to have multiplatform games on a Nintendo console. Specs are not holding 3rd party back.

Perception of two things are holding nintendo back.

Tools and just price/return on developing games. 3rd parties really believe you guys will buy anything as long as it is not on a Nintendo machine.

The game cube proved this.
EA actions along prove this.
Capcom proved this with res evil ngc vs ps2 and then again with the wii make of that same game with awesome ir aiming.

Now people really want to believe that the wiiu is not powerful enough to even run tlou remastered probably.

Also it is not his sole decision to make the next console. Miyamoto has a huge say in it. Replacing Iwata will not change the fact that miyamoto wanted to make a console with one button.

It will just mean miyamoto will be loose to try anything.

Do you really think any CEO could even attempt to handle nintendos talent with out killing their brand.

OverlordMao1931d ago

i think gaf sometime can have more credibility than an obscure and unknown website that need n4g to get any kind of attention.

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Debaitable1931d ago

It needs to be %100 true. Wii U needs saving and he's not the man capable for the job.

coltlokk1931d ago

I do hope someone will replace Iwata that will do more to save the Wii U.

However, I hope the rumor is false. The rumor said that management inside Nintendo wanted to get rid of Iwata so that they could put games on smartphones and move into the mobile market. This could be both good or bad depending on what kind of apps/games would go on the smartphones and whether or not they would continue to support 3DS/Wii U. The rumor made it seem like Nintendo's management wanted to go after short-term profit with the smartphone and abandon console gaming.

lilbroRx1931d ago

Wow, don't even know the story yet is defending.

The rumor pertained nothing to do with the Wii U. It was about someone wanting to get rid of Iwata for refusing to put Nintendo games on smart phones.

Like always, though, people will just read the headlines and then start spewing presumptuous statements.

Chrono1931d ago

Iwata will go sooner or later.

incredibleMULK1931d ago

hope so. He is the knuckle head that runs a video game company but does NOT play video games. wtf?!

He also said earlier that the American market wasn't important to nintendo and he wasn't going to put hd into the wii. As long as he runs nintendo he aint getting a penny from me. Non gaming, racist, needle d1ck.

marloc_x1931d ago

Jesus, he has been involved in gaming since high school ..

#derpity derp

jcnba281931d ago

He used to be a video game developer before he became CEO of Nintendo. He was one of the developers behind Earthbound. He has probably played more video games than anyone on this site.

Never go full retard.

KonsoruMasuta1931d ago


It's not like he is immortal.

-Foxtrot1931d ago

Or maybe that's where most of the money they made off the Wii is going.

So he can be placed alongside Walt Disney.

The_Truth_24_71931d ago

But it's 110% true. 110 > 100.

TripC501931d ago

You lost me at (fart noise)

Baccra171931d ago

It's probably true and nin just trying to save face.

lilbroRx1931d ago

What is probably true?

Do you even know what this is about, who its for or why?

Or are you just clicking on something that you just blindly supporting what you perceive to be a negative headline purely out of hope that its something bad about Nintendo and one its popular figures?

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