Dragon Ball Xenoverse Available for Pre-order

The upcoming new DBZ game Dragon Ball Xenoverse is now avilable for pre-order with a set price of $59.99.

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dotwithshoes1928d ago

GameStop has been taking preorders for weeks now.

Abash1927d ago

It's better that more people are aware of it though, I actually think this is the first DBZ game in a while worth pre-ordering. They look to be really focusing on the fighting mechanics this time around

Black_Adam881927d ago

i really want to pre order this because the fighting system looks good but ill wait until they reveal a few more characters...hoping for a span of db-gt character list

LazyGoron1927d ago

Never tried a DBZ fighting game because well... always seemed more "childish" to me than the DB-DBGT episodes/anime. This game actually has my interest because it seems to be being handled as a fighting game with a DB skin (which I prefer) than the other way around.

Wish List:
1) Cover DB, DBZ, & DBGT
2) Allow all characters their full range of transformations
3) Custom characters
4) Alternate timelines (I want to see SSJ3/4 Gohan, Future Trunks, etc.)
5) Not really an "alternate" timeline, but I would love to see a "SSJ5" storyline that occurs after DBGT that you would play through in the game

linkenski1927d ago

I'll die happy if this ends up being a definitive Next Gen DBZ fighting game and not just another DBZ cash-in.

Snookies121927d ago

They've been working on the game for like 2+ years now and still don't have a release date. They said they wanted this to be the masterpiece of DBZ games, and are taking the time to make it that way.

So, I have a good amount of faith in them.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1927d ago

When is the release 2014 or 2015 ?

Legendary-Status1927d ago

I expect this game will come out around the time The new DragonBall Z Movie 2015 comes out AKA Battle of Gods 2 & their proably going to put some thing's from the Upcoming movie in the game..

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