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Mike Suskie writes "I won't lie: The Last of Us is too slow and too long, particularly when it's so low on fresh mechanics, and I often found myself wishing that Naughty Dog would stop making me prop up the umpteenth garage door with the umpteenth cart and just get to the point."

"But it's the mark of exceptional storytelling that when I think back on The Last of Us, I don't recall those frustrations."

"I recall the subtle musical cues, the ominous fungus spores floating across the load screen, the gut-wrenching sounds emitted by the zombies, and the haunting post-apocalyptic cityscapes."

"I recall the people, the facial expressions, the quips, the confessions and the deaths."

"The Last of Us is a serviceable game paired with one of the best cinematic stories ever told, and that's more than good enough."

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TheJacksonRGN1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Too long? The game last about 13+ hours, that's great in the day and age of 6 hour long AAA titles. But hey, your opinion. Great review though.

funkybudda1931d ago

not really a great review when he said the game is way too long. Just like how you pointed out, these day and age 13+ hours is what you should expect from single player experience. He seems just to nitpick just to find something to knock another point off the rating.

jimjam34421931d ago

no criticism means no improvement.

ramiuk11931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

i take it he never seen waling dead?
the games pace is great imo,obviously u prob dors shut,wouldnt anyone with that stuff chasing u?
i think they nailed it throughgout!!!

best game i ever played prob

if i was to pick faults it would be

AI of both sides
textures not loading
pop ups


Good score for a good game. Seems right

Jughead34161931d ago

This game is nearly perfect. I can't really think of anything wrong with it without nitpicking. That's why it has so many perfect scores.

Drasill1931d ago

The friendly AI isn't very good.

TheWackyMan1931d ago

and the enemy AI is not even close to what they showed at e3 2012.

Stapleface1931d ago

It's a great game but...the story. It's probably the most unoriginal story they could have used. "Person gets bit, is immune to infection, must be protected to save humanity" That's not being nit picky, that's been used a million times over. The stealth mechanics are pretty basic. The visuals are just "ok". But over all game play wise it's a fantastic game. The AI isn't great either, as Ellie seems to get confused at times as to what the hell she should be doing. So nearly perfect, no, great game yes. I'd personally give it an 8/10. Something can't be nearly perfect, if it's so easy to point out flaws, and not little ones either.

nucky641931d ago

I think you've missed the story completely if that is what you took from it. I found so much more to the story than what you describe. what you call the "story" is, for me, more the hub of what the real story (or stories) revolves around.
not being critical - just throwing that out there.

1931d ago
Darkwatchman1931d ago

It's not about the basic plot. It's about the characters, the dialogue, the emotional growth.

BitbyDeath1931d ago

You can bring anything down to that level.
The matrix is about someone who takes the wrong pill, how original amirite

Darkwatchman1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

If you boil a lot of the best movies down to their basic plots, they're nothing special, but they're usually about the characters or the world. The basic plot of any movie or game is not the most important part nor is it what makes it such an engaging narrative experience. It is everything else that does.

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nucky641931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

today,I finished my first playthrough of the game.....ever. (played ps4 remastered version)
I enjoyed it a lot for the story. and the ending was amazing - will there be a part 2? I loved the ellie and joel too. I thought the ladder and plank mechanics became a little tiresome but that seemed to be my only real annoyance. it's a fantastic game that looks very nice as well. the SP side alone is a solid 9.5 for me.

on a side note - the "left behind" dlc was very disappointing. while it did explain some of the emotions and feelings ellie was going through during the main game, I didn't find it very fun. I'd give it a 6 at best....not ND best effort.

Sm00thNinja1931d ago

The friendly air runs around like a headless chicken at times and the enemy ai is completely incompetent at noticing

TheJacksonRGN1931d ago

That was done on purpose so your allies did not get in the way.

Sm00thNinja1931d ago

And that makes it ok..... I'm well aware of why they did it!

jcnba281931d ago

Just finished the game on PS4 yesterday and really enjoyed but it is nowhere near a perfect game. Great game? Yes. Perfect? No.

Pros: Story, visuals, characters, cut-scenes, environments

Cons: Repetitive gameplay, bad A.I.

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