Fighter Within beaten down to £4.99 on XO

Dealspwn writes: How bad can a game be? Well, this is an Xbox One game for a fiver already. But let's faced it, for that price it's pretty tempting to see exactly how bad it is for yourself. You'll be needing the Xbox One's Kinect camera to play this one as it tracks body movement to initiate strikes in this brawling title. We'd definitely take a punt if you're after a multiplayer laugh when you have your mates round for a night in. Don't blame us though when coffee tables break, the cat gets kicked or you 'accidentally' punch your friend in the face.

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cfc781931d ago

Wouldn't bother wait till it's on GWG if you really feel like punishing yourself,personally I can't believe it got released what a way for MS to promote kinect gaming.

Jdoki1931d ago

I got this game for free with my XB1. The guy in the shop advised me to never play it. I still have it sat in the cupboard in shrink wrap.

The trade in value is almost zero.