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Gameranx says: "Leaning heavily on old-school inspiration has become quite a thing in the video game industry. Retro aesthetics are huge in today’s gaming landscape, but not so much when it comes to role-playing games. RPGs classics like Ultima, Baldur’s Gate, and Diablo are remembered fondly, but not particularly for their visuals. It’s the engrossing stories and intricate gameplay systems that keep many, like me, longing for the days of old."

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nutcrackr1590d ago

Post this on the Larian forums and you'll get lots of feedback about how you are wrong! :P

anticlimax1589d ago

Well, not all of it is wrong. The main story does take a backdrop to sidequests and action. The inventory is clunky at best. For some folks the humour is gonna be a bit much. Crafting and blacksmithing is chaotic at best.

But still, a 6 seems harsh.