Microsoft’s Xbox One is in dire need of killer exclusives

It is rule of thumb in the gaming industry that the games, especially exclusive titles, make the console. When we talk of exclusives, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 had a ton. The Halo series, Forza Motorsport, Project Gotham Racing, and Gears of War are some of the franchises that cemented Microsoft as a major name in the cut-throat console industry. But what is going wrong for the latest Xbox One?

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OpieWinston1539d ago

Personally I think Quantum Break will be their "Killer Exclusive"

Alan Wake was a very underrated game and became a Cult classic from last gen.

We still have to wait and see what the games gameplay will look like at Gamescom.

But Remedy are perfectionists, and I think they're on the same level as Naughty Dog when it comes to inspiration,Action,overall quality benchmark.

The question is, will one game really sell the X1 for people?

Maybe Halo 5 Guardians/Phantom Dust/Scalebound/Quantum Break will sell people on an X1 in 2015.

iamnsuperman1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

The article more talks about the need for a mascot. I don't think there is a need for a mascots. A mascot is a character you can shove into multiple different types of game in a bid to sell content and build hype. What Microsoft needs to do is follow where the industry is heading. Instead of making mascots make compelling story based games along side trying to rejuvenate the online scheme (I feel the latter has been stuck in a rut for many years now). I am not saying they don't do that now but they shouldn't heed the advice given by this article about making a mascot. The industry is past that now (unless the mascot is established already).

OpieWinston1539d ago

Well they've got a mascot for their OS...Cortana.

So that point is pretty weak if they need a mascot when they've already got a strong one that's uniting all Windows under one OS.

And I have a feeling MS is following Sony...Phil Spencer has been saying that Sony is a good model to follow...Which is why I expect to see more Story driven games, not to have as heavy of a focus as Sony hopefully because they want to have a balance.

Balance of Platformers/Shooters/Story Driven/Fighting/Racing/RPGs/MM Os.

christocolus1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )


You are right. They have a good line up of incoming games and its obvious the new CEO &Phil will be pushing a lot of new ips this gen. Phil has openly commended sony on the way they handle new ips even going as far as calling out heavy rain and uncharted. Ms will definitly be pushing big new ips this gen.

Quantum break will open up 2015, then hopefully after that we'll get Scalebound, d4, fable legends, phantum dust and finally Halo5 (to close the year). Also we know Rare ,lionhed, BT,lXP,343i, platform next,lift,pressplay and a few external partners are working on exclusives for the console. Sam lake of remedy has also stated his interest in developing a sequel to alan an interview with polygon november last year he said they would get to it as soon as they have enough ideas
to put into a sequel.

Anf about Ryse,it seems Crytek may have a change of heart about selling the ip to MS now. if they were willing to sell off homefront(one of their bigger ips)i don't see why they wouldn't do same with ryse now..after their near demise i think they will be more open to selling it off now. MS will get the ip eventually&Ryse will get a sequel.the thing is crytek may or may not be in charge of the sequels development but MS could easily find a way around that..also crytek just announced a recent inflow of cash&im guessing homefront wasnt the only ip they sold off. Who knows.. Just give MS time. This gen has just started.

D-riders1539d ago

the problem with new ips is that they have to be great. even if the games mentioned are good games, they will be competing againts great games. Sony games are typically rated higher and when a game comes out looking and playing better on another system. well it just makes sense to buy the better games at this point the xbox one is considered inferior. it will sell eventually but that will take a much lower price point and probably a bigger harddrive.

gamer11381539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

It'll be Halo most likely. I'm a massive Remedy fan as well and I can't wait to see Quantum Break. I just remember that Alan Wake arrived to little fanfare despite the awesome game it was. If Microsoft/Remedy really want to push Quantum Break as a killer exclusive it will need a MASSIVE marketing push. It needs to be everywhere and with the right tone as to strike a chord with people. The average person needs to see it and go, I must play this game, what's the hype about etc. That and some very positive review and it could really have an impact.

Ausbo1539d ago

The problem with Alan wake was not the game at all. It was the fact that people waited for it for so long and the excitement for it died. The game was in development for like 7 years

UltraNova1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

It wasn't the lack of excitement its was the simple fact that the console it got released on had a primarily shooter oriented crowd.

A fact easily proven by just looking at genre sales on the 360, where FPS hit huge numbers while anything else without the word shooter in their title got the back seat (of course there are the obvious AAA exceptions, but exceptions they remain nonetheless).

The opposite can be seen on the PS platform where crowd preference there is spread into all genres, inevitably the reason why every game sells averagely, again with the obvious exemptions of the yearly AAA shooter and other heavy hitters like GT or GoW.

That, imo was the reason Alan Wake was met they way it was met. Its a shame really... it was a really good game (Played it on PC).

sonarus1539d ago

I actually disagree. The impact exclusive titles have on console dominance I feel is almost completely mitigated by the over abundance in multiplatforms. Most off the best selling games on both ps4 and xbox one have been multiplatforms. Microsoft needs to find additional ways to provide additional value to its consumer the ea access is a good start in my opinion. But ultimately it boils down to proving xbox has more value than ps4 and since 80-90% of all games will release on both consoles focusing on that 10% exclusives to boost console sales seems like a waste to me. Better off working with multiplatform games to secure additional value content to at least create the perception that xbox is best place to play. Ps has closed too many gaps so won't be easy for Microsoft like last gen

CervantesPR1539d ago

Never compare a studio with the naughty gods..... NEVER

LAWSON721539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I will go a step further and call these studios better. Valve, Nintendo and Rockstar :) ND is great and all but IMO they are a tad overrated along with TLOU, IMO Uncharted and Jak are better

JeffGUNZ1538d ago

Dude, if one studio can be in the same talks with Naughty Dog, it's Remedy. They are perfectionists.

harrisk9541539d ago

No offense, but Naughty Dog is in a league of their own. Not to take away from Remedy or Bethesda or Rockstar or Bioware, which all make or have the ability to make great games... but in terms of graphical fidelity coupled with cinematics, story telling, casting and developing the voice actors, and pushing the technology to its limits, Naughty Dog is far and away the best developer out there.

TheXgamerLive1539d ago

This article sounds like the result of a but hurt fanboy, sony that is.

XxExacutionerxX1539d ago

And the PS4 is starving for killer exclusives....

filchron1539d ago

sorry dude but ND and remedy are NOT on the same level. yes Quantum Break is a TPS like Uncharted but the protagonist is a balding police cheif guy with a 26 yr old's California Accent. Remedy is a foreign studio, and it shows.

DigitalRaptor1539d ago

No single game will sell the Xbone. Halo and Gears will give the console a spike in sales the month it releases, but there are not other games out there that have the staying power to drive the console.

Regarding these games, if you think Scalebound and Phantom Dust are 2015, you've got to be a little bit naive. At this point, Microsoft has had the need to engage people with their lineup, which is why they decided to scrap off the non-gaming bits and focus completely on games at E3.

And by telling their fanbase that the CGI trailers they show are lined up for 2015, it provides better expectations for their product than them being honest and saying TBA or 2016.

2016 is when you should expect to see Scalebound, Phantom Dust and Crackdown, and whatever else MS announces at future events.

otherZinc1538d ago

This is funny!

SONYs lineup for the PS4 is crap.
Killzone, Infamous, Knack, stories all frigging suck. Those games have zero staying power& were outsold by Forza, TitanFall, Ryse, & Dead Rising 3.

M$ needs to do nothing but bring that awesome line up out: Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, & Halo Master Chief Collection to close 2014.

That line up kills the PS4s offering for the rest of the year.

The PS4 is selling off hype of power, nothing else. That PS4 line up is weak as s*** & everyone knows it.

When the smoke clears, PS4 owners will be looking at a bunch of Indie Games.

DigitalRaptor1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

No. What I posted was completely stating the obvious about the Xbone performance situation.

The only strong sales for Xbone were at launch. Since January sales have been declining (NPD) every month, apart from a random sales spike in the particular month where there's a new release or something like a price drop… then back to normal. As I said, realistically, only Halo and Gears can do big things for the Xbone.

Sony's lineup is not crap. Xbox's lineup is not crap.

We all know the weaknesses of launch games and every single one of Sony and Microsoft's launch exclusives needed more times in the oven. EVERY one of them.

Ryse has sold less than 1 million.
Forza 5 has sold 1.5 million.
Dead Rising 3 has sold over 1 million (not enough to keep it exclusive).
Titanfall has sold 2 million.

Knack has sold over 1 million.
Killzone has sold over 2 million.
InFamous has sold roughly 1.5 million.

Not only is each of Sony's exclusive software selling just as well as Microsoft's are, but multiplat software is selling a lot more on PS4 too. ;)

"That line up kills the PS4s offering for the rest of the year."

It doesn't come close to "killing it". Only in the mind of the most desperate Xbot would that thought ever enter. I think even some of the biggest Xbox fans on here have accepted that both consoles have an even second half of 2014. I don't care what YOU think about these games, they exist and will do well, and will most likely be great.

PS4: LittleBigPlanet 3, DriveClub, Guilty Gear Xrd, The Last of Us Remastered (best game on next-gen consoles PERIOD), inFamous First Light, PlanetSide 2 (bigger and more ambitious than Titanfall).

Even if what you claim was true, what has Xbone has since Titanfall in March? Tumbleweed Territory.

"That PS4 line up is weak as s*** & everyone knows it."

Xbox fans love to pretend it's true, is the statement you were looking for. Sorry, but it's not true. You prefer the Xbox games, so that equates in your mind to "PS4 lineup is garbage". Hilarious.

Next year alone begins with BLOODBORNE (will absolutely slay minds), THE ORDER: 1886 (looks amazing, and the whole "plays like crap" has been disproven), MLB 15: THE SHOW and RATCHET & CLANK REDUX. Xbone has absolutely NOTHING until the second half of 2015, and even then…. UNCHARTED 4 arrives in late 2014, as well as whatever else they announce at Gamescom and TGS.

So tell me again, how a bunch of indie games is the best PS4 owners can hope for, when the only thing you can hope for in early 2015 is a timed-exclusive indie game? It's not my fault that Microsoft has announced their 2016 lineup early to give the impression that they have more coming to their console than the competition.

FernGully1537d ago

Hahaaaa! Wow, DigitalRaptor: you just took Otherzinc's head CLEAN off with that reply mate! And uncovered his year-long lies! I don't even need to say a word! Lol!

gamer11381536d ago

Can I just add...those sales for Knack and Killzone you sight are only because Sony FORCED customers to buy them in fixed bundle packs. I work at a games retailer and I can tell you at least 50% of customers traded Knack and Killzone back in SEALED. They never played them! Sony new the stock situation with the PS4 would let them get away with this and it really is cheeky. I don't have the link, but the xbox continues to have the highest attach rate of software.

Multipats will sell more because, you know, more PS4s have been sold. Logic.

I think otherZinc was a bit overzealous saying the PS4 lineup is crap but I do think it is weak for the remainder of 2014. SSOD, Forza, MCC, Ori and the Blind forest look to be really good games this winter, I know, I've played all four of them. Compared to Little Big Planet and Driveclub, Sony's winter lineup does look weaker. Traditionally this is the biggest console sales time of the year. TLOU and infamous will be distant memories at that point because gamers move on quickly.

I agree with you though, since Titanfall the xbox hasn't had any major exclusive. I think MS have missed a trick with SSOD and should have aimed to release late august. Traditionally a game that launches in that window when gamers are starved of new release does really well. Deus Ex, Splinter Cell Conviction, Saints Row the Fourth being examples.

Also...TLOU as best nextgen game out. Debatable. What's next gen about it? That's what I'm waiting for, a game that really says to me it couldn't have been done on old gen hardware. And back to the topic, I honestly believe quantum break with it's time shifting based gameplay could be it. It could be something NEW.

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700p1538d ago

Well we got two halos coming out the next couple of years. Plenty of new ips in the next couple of years. Im sure they're more unnanounced ips. Eventually a new gears will show up as well. I think all in all, the exclusives will come. Ill be getting mcc,halo 5,fable,sunset overdrive, and quantum break. AND of course gears when it comes out. I cant wait!

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gamer11381539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Very weak article. Doesn't really have much to say. We've only just started this gen, it takes time for big games to come along that make use of the new machines. The only time a console has launched with a killer exclusive was probably the original xbox with Halo 1 and maybe the N64 with Super Mario 64.

hello121539d ago

I think Microsoft does need a killer IP or two,like Gears of War and HALO. I'm sure we will see a new franchise emerge soon.

They still have lot of new exclusive looking games to play yet. Sunset Overdrive is the first one up.

filchron1539d ago

they need to show the new gears soon and it better beat what sony is showing in "the order" and UC4. sunset looks dumb. basically ratchet and clank with soda pop as the villain instead of aliens or goo whatever ratchet had

HaydenJameSmith1539d ago

I think PS4 is in need of killer exclusives... its getting plenty of Indie Games but lacks big exclusives...

The only thing that has really caught my eye is The Order 1886 and Bloodborne.

Software_Lover1539d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Neither console has dropped anything of significance. Killzone is dead and gone. Infamous was a pretty bore. Forza was DOA. Titanfall blew its load. This gen is a borefest for the more part.

My favorite games thus far are Max the curse, and some freakin Windows 8 games I play on my tablet.

Ausbo1539d ago

Haha titanfall blew its load. Can't agree more with that statement. It was a good game, but got boring quick cause of lack of content

HaydenJameSmith1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Yeah I know...

Titanfall was fun for about 2 weeks after launch but without a campaign and enough content for the MP it gets boring fast. I still play Forza about once a week but yes its nothing significant, I think Horizon 2 will be more fun as its open world. Ryse, Infamous and Killzone looked pretty but thats about it, nothing significant in terms of gameplay or story/narrative. This generation has been pretty boring thus far, even a lot of the multiplat games have been over hyped and generally average like Watch Dogs, Sniper Elite, Thief, AC4 and BF4 (significantly less fun than BF3 for me).

I think the only thing I have enjoyed playing this generation thus far is DR3, Wolfenstein and some select Indie Games (I did enjoy Titanfall a lot though at launch). I disagree with the article cause MS do sound like they have a lot more title releasing and in the works, so I think PS4 is in more need of killer IPs than MS... they got Gears, Halo 5, Crackdown, Phantom Dust and Scalebound in the works and Sunset Overdrive, Fable Legends, Quantum Break and Forza Horizon 2 all releasing soon along with continued support to Indie Developers and continued improvement of the performance of multiplat game which we have already seen in recent titles. So I would think PS4 is in more need of better IPs, the only PS4 games I want so far is The Order 1886 and Bloodborne thats not a lot.

700p1538d ago

I agree with that, The start of the new gen hasnt been that great. Alot of overhyped lackluster games.

incredibleMULK1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

yeah order 1886 looks good but they shot themselves in the foot by not putting in multiplayer or campaign co op. So after i beat in in hard mode i am returning it to gamestop or selling it on craigslist if i buy it new. no replayability. they shouldve done like gears and made team deathmatch humans vs. werewolves, guns, blood, executions.....

Infamous franchise is good.

previous killzones were good, this most recent one.... dude runs so sloooooow. Good game mechanics, shattering glass, graphics. Story was a snorefest though.

For some reason people don't play killzone multiplayer. Killzone 2, 3, and shadow fall are ghost towns. 500-900 players for a game thats not even a year old?? I think sony needs to replace killzone with a new ip cuz I cant even sell it for $15 on craigslist. NOONE WANTS IT! Bring back god of war until you come up with a good first person shooter crytek and get crysis. Crysis would be a much better franchise to own. Its like call of duty on speed with better graphics than killzone shadowfall....mind you i've been playing crysis 3 on if microsoft or sony scores crytek that would be monumental.

Uncharted will be good. If its like uncharted 2 multiplayer. Part 3 felt cheap...aiming problems, flat textures, call of duty wanna be multiplayer upgrades, to many button sequence crap when fighting the oafs.

Last of us could be a franchise. that would be fun

I think at the moment xbox has more exclusives and looks more attractive to own especially with the new ea membership,...if you cant buy both consoles...

halo mcc collection....this is big 4 games 4,000 gamer points, 100 maps, remastered

halo 5
quantum break...looks sweet. system seller in my opinion.
forza franchise...i always prefered forza over grand tourismo. More enjoyable not as hard. come out more frequently.
sunset over drive looks good, kind of like infamous,...less story driven though...hopefully i'm wrong. I loved the first infamous.

Gears needs to come back, one of the best franchises ever. ahead of its time. Undo part 3 story by making it a dream...(marcus hits his head and wakes up in part 2's story arc and don't flood the whole damn world this time just part of the hollow)

I trust xbox under Phil Spencer's leadership. He appeared genuine at the e3 last year. He has been listening to us. He is an explaystation employee so he knows their battle strategy.

Xbox fired all the knuckleheads that were making the brand into an entertainment hub and they are focusing on the hard core gamer. Sony did the Jack Dentton and bring in some knucklehead in never heard of thats doing a bunch of indies...and that jack house creep ain't doing nuttin for us.

we shall see...

SoapShoes1539d ago

What a load of Crap. Andrew House has been with Sony forever and has done nothing but good, he knows what is good for the business and he knows what the consumer wants. Shawn Layden has been with SCE since the 90s too. Just because you haven't heard of him doesn't mean he's a knucklehead. Just a pure load of crap.

LAWSON721539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I dont get it you hate on the order for no MP aspect but then say Infamous is good. Last time I checked people said the game lacked replayability and is only 10-15 hrs long. So Infamous can get away with it but the Order cant despite supposedly having choices which should mean different ways to play the story multiple times?

Also the last thing Sony should do is buy Crytek and make Crysis games instead of KZ (and this is coming from someone who thinks KZ is mediocre). They would be much better off with a new IP.

SoapShoes1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Sure it's in need of more killer exclusives but it just got one in The Last of Us. It's big to casual gamers who have heard nothing but great things about it. It sold 7 million already after all and that's pretty huge for a new IP.

But as far as exclusvies it's not in as bad of shape as the X1. X1 hasn't gotten an exclusive since Titanfall in March and it won't have any till Autumn whereas the PS4 has had 4 retail(not indie) exclusives so far since Second Son.

HaydenJameSmith1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I agree Last of Us is a killer exclusive but it was PS3s Killer Exclusive not PS4. It was basically just remade for PS4...

And from where I'm standing X1 is not in worse shape as far as AAA Exclusives... you'll have to refresh my memory on what Killer Exclusive PS4 got between March and now cause I haven't heard anything of note. As it stands (excluding timed exclusives, indie games and remakes) the biggest exclusives that have come out for PS4 are Killzone, Infamous, Knack and MLB 14 The show (which was also on PS3) and on the Xbox One there is DR3, Ryse, Forza, Titanfall. Besides Summer time is always a dry spell for games... just cause Last of Us (a PS3 remake) released isn't anything to boast about...

Neither PS4 or X1 have that many Killer Exclusive but the Xbox One actually looks like its gonna try rectify over the next year as I have already said there is a lot coming out and in the works for X1 but the PS4 seems like it has less releasing and in the works that's why I think PS4 is in worse condition.

TedCruzsTaint1539d ago

As does the PS4. They're in a worse position at the moment, I feel. Though that's all up to taste.
The only console that can claim to have a solid list of exclusives is Wii U at the moment.

SoapShoes1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Worse position? As far as exclusvies it's not in as bad of shape as the X1. X1 hasn't gotten an exclusive since Titanfall in March and it won't have any till Autumn whereas the PS4 has had 4 retail(not indie) exclusives so far since Second Son. Not to mention indie exclusives and exclusive downloadable games(like First Light) all before Autumn.

Spotie1539d ago

Worse position how? General consensus is that they have the better stable of developers- and more of them- and they're all making games for the PS4. As it pertains to what's already out, the PS4 and XB1 are about even on first party stuff, and I think metacritic gives the Sony lineup the edge.

Sorry, but I don't see, objectively, where Sony is in greater need than Microsoft.

Oh, and Nintendo's already been where the other two are, except Nintendo lacked third parties (and, compared to PS4, indies).

TedCruzsTaint1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

General consensus had my agrees and disagrees at even at the time you made your comment.
Though, having said this, I just invited those numbers to swing in any direction via fanboys now trying to make a point of it.

DigitalRaptor1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Sony has released FOUR times as many first-party PS4 exclusives as Microsoft has for Xbone, and they have been supporting the PS3 tremendously over the past couple of years, whilst Microsoft has done nothing of the sort for their previous console. Says a lot really about both companies.

Fanboys like to re-shape reality for their own devices, but you have to consider everything and be truthful, if you're going to make a statement regarding a company's lineup of games.

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