Ninja Theory: "We could make Beowulf for 20% of the cost"

Games Industry reports:

Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades has said he believes that his company could have produced a movie like Beowulf for the fraction of the cost by using a game engine - in fact, around a fifth of the estimated film's USD 150 million budget.

Speaking to, Antoniades talked of plans to move his company into movie and TV production - which would run alongside its games business.

"We see an entirely different area of progress: a form of independent production based on real-time game engine technology. We reckon you could do something like Beowulf for 15-20 per cent of the cost," Antoniades explained.

"If you are already creating hi-res assets for a game, then sharing these can bring that cost down even further... We have a lot of experience in performance capture, animation, rendering and so on. We can compete in the same way that indie films can live alongside blockbusters."

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Rikitatsu5284d ago

you aren't a good dev team, Stop seeking attention

shine13965284d ago (Edited 5284d ago )

good yes. of course their good. heavenly sword was very polished, exellent in a lot of areas. Cinematography, facial expressions, voiceovers and fluid gameplay, stunning colours and animations, all of which amounts to an anime the likes of which I haven't seen. But of course I will totally agree that heavenly sword is like a short burst, with no big bang at the end of it. Also the fact that they are not going to do Heavenly Sword 2 is kind of disappointing. Unless of course someone like Kojima takes over or something.

thewhoopimen5283d ago (Edited 5283d ago )

Have you ever watched Heavenly Sword's cutscenes? Bar-none it is THE BEST in the console generation. Better than uncharted, gears, cod4, or whatever game you care to wager. Andy Serkis (LOTR's Golem) directed most of the scenes and played Bohan in the game and it is fantastic.

Silogon5284d ago

Ninja Theory couldn't make a good ps3 game with Sony tossing money at them. They'd fail at this project too. I just didn't like Heavenly sword. I thought it was so boring and uninvolved.

PSMonster215283d ago

Hows that one bubble treating ya?

Tmac5283d ago

Glad you're down to one bubble.

Caxtus7505284d ago

They couldnt have got the visuals so good...They honestly think a game engine would beat a high-cost digital media hollywood suite?

Hollywood have more money, more technology and more talent.

Tempist5283d ago

You seem to neglect the factor that they had the restraints of a console to make their game (which is very, very, nicely done.)

Remove the fact that it has to be able to run on a console and just has to be rendered and it's an entirely new level of visuals. They could even prove this by altering the engine and making a 3 minute demo trailer.

I say they put their money where there mouth is and make that movie demo using the engine.

deeznuts5283d ago

Doesn't matter, game engines are not on the level of these CGI studio production teams yet. There is still a wide divide.

BlackCountryBob5283d ago

Pre rendered visuals using game engines look amazing, the visuals only take a downturn when they are rendered in real time using the game engine. A game engine pre rendering could look as good as the best CGI studio work in the world.

CNIVEK5283d ago

What a moron. He's apparently too clueless to realize, that a great portion of that budget, went to Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich, etc. That's where Hollywood is far different from the gaming world...for now anyway. Most VG voice talent, can't command the insane $$ that some of Hollywood's elite can.

Tempist5283d ago

At most really, they would have gotten $10-15 million. Voice acting doesn't pay that much (although they did do mo-cap work too).

CNIVEK5283d ago said it yourself...they did mo-cap (physical acting) AS WELL. Do you think somebody like Anthony Hopkins or AJ would agree to let someone use their voice AND their likeness, without the standard fee? No, they wouldn't. This movie was all about the technology, and doing something that hasn't been done before...NOT the $$.

My point is, I'm sure there are several devs that could have pulled off the visuals of Beowulf....just not with the high-priced actors.

Aclay5283d ago

Damn, too bad the chances of Heavenly Sword 2 are "very unlikely" according to Ninja Theory. I wish that they would make a second Heavenly Sword game because it had a lot of potential. I would even go so far as to say that Heavenly Sword was about just as cinematic as the Metal Gear Solid games.... Heavenly Sword was one of those games where you had that emotional connection with the characters in the game and games like that are just so rare these days.

mistertwoturbo5283d ago

The Problem with HS wasn't it's production values nor graphics or anything like that. Most of everything was pretty polished and well done. The main gripe with HS was the no jumping and unusual blocking as well as the short length.

Heavenly Sword 2 has the potential to be far greater.

Kyur4ThePain5283d ago

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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