Wii U Media Player Interest Polled By Helix Games Dev

Independent Wii U developer Helix Games has expressed interest in releasing a Wii U media player on the eShop, pending fan feedback and Nintendo approval.

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manaxknight11537d ago

if its free definitely make it

kingPoS1537d ago

They might as well throw mkv playback with embedded subtitle support in while their at it.

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slivery1537d ago

Please do, it doesn't have a blu-ray player which is enough so this would be a very welcoming addition. I don't like that it has to be over a wired connection though when most people don't have a Wii LAN adapter.

External drive support would be nice also, as most my movies and stuff like that are all on a backup drive.

I personally always thought it was ridiculous having to buy something that has been so common in consoles anyway, an ethernet port. Sigh Nintendo and their odd choices sometimes.

Godmars2901537d ago

Thought it does have a BR drive, just a derivative, proprietary design.

R00bot1536d ago

I'd buy it, as long as it wasn't more than 10 bucks or so. I guess it'd depend on the features, but I'm totally down for it.

Chrischi19881536d ago

That would be awesome. I dont think there are to many ways to be able to watch your videos on old TVs without HDMI. Not that I need that, but in poorer countries that would increase Wii U value a lot.

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