The Last Of Us Remastered Review | The Guardian

Remastered is ultimately a subtle refining of a game released only a year ago, rather than a revolutionary reworking.

But in the case of this masterpiece, that is more than enough.

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Clown_Syndr0me1933d ago

First time playing TLOU, and honestly I think its one of the only games that lives up to hype.
The gameplay is solid, the story engaging and the visuals stunning.
My one gripe right now is the online servers, at times its taken my party (no matter who's hosting) up to 20 mins to find a game and its not much better alone. Fix this and its pretty much perfect to me.

S2Killinit1933d ago

its a well deserved score. Its especially telling when the game gets high scores even the second time out. Usually remakes/remasters/HD's of great games don't score high the second time out.

Amorist891933d ago

Played it on the PS3 & soon to own it on the PS4. It is the complete package.

funkybudda1933d ago

Many people are afraid remaster will becoming the trend to do this gen, but as long as they only choose to remaster the AAA titles, I am ok with it. Games like Tomb Raider didnt need a "definitive" edition that charged $60. At least Sony only charge $50 for this and you have other options to get it for cheaper like trading in the PS3 version at Gamestop for $25.