Microsoft Pitches Xbox One to China with Games, Exclusives, Movies, TV and Fancy Trailers

Microsoft has introduced the Xbox One to the Chinese market at ChinaJoy in Shanghai, and one of the best way to promote a new product is of course with trailers.

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Doritos_Pope1929d ago

Im calling it.
Bomba in Asia.

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nicksetzer11929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Seems the n4g sales analysts have already found their ways here. Even funnier how these self proclaimed experts bunch all of asia together as if india, japan and china share the exact same econimic structure and entertainments values...

That aside this all looks great. I hope china pushes good numbers as that means maybe some more chinese studios will start popping up. (Hopefully some of which come to the west)

Ripsta7th1928d ago

Well for a fact we know the Playstation will struggle in China , They still hate the japanesse for whatever reasons. There are some places in China that have signs outside of their door saying no japanesse allowed.

700p1929d ago

The trailers are pretty good.

FamilyGuy1929d ago

That first trailer had a bunch of stuff I haven't seen before so it looks pretty cool to me. I'm not going to bother looking up each one of those games right now but if they launch them out here and they aren't on PS4 as well I might consider picking up an X1

christocolus1929d ago

I think the trailer was pretty good. I'm hoping they bring the good games over to the west. I may try out a few of them if they do.

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OrangePowerz1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I wonder of companies perform market analysis before they come up with the idea of launching the X1 and PS4 in China or if they just look at how many people the country has. Because there isn't that mych chance of tgem performing great. A huge majority of non Chinese games will be banned and tge Chinese are a lot more into playing online games on PC. It's just not a console demographic because if they wanted to it's not that hard to get a console. As example the rules didn't apply for Hong Kong and you could always buy stuff there. Add to that the myriad of not so legal shops in many other places in China.

pingthing1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

With a market of nearly 1.4 billion people I would guess it didn't need to be a massive success to be $ucc€$$fu£

TheFallenAngel1929d ago

Yea and most of that market makes less than $2 dollars a day.

Darkstares1929d ago

You do realize China is one of the most emerging economies for the middle-class right? That's why coffee and oil prices have gone up, they want to enjoy what we enjoy. Driving cars and drinking Starbucks. India is another.

marlinfan101929d ago


look at your likes, shows just how uninformed people are on this site.

rdgneoz31929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

@Darkstares It is one of the most emerging and will be incredible in the future, but it still has a ways to go.

"McKinsey research has shown that this generation of Chinese consumers is the most Westernized to date. Prone to regard expensive products as intrinsically better than less expensive ones, they are happy to try new things, such as personal digital gadgetry. They are also more likely than previous generations to check the Internet for other people’s usage experiences or comments."

Wonder how they'll regard the xbone with all it's great press since release...

@Marlinfan10 "It is estimated that it's more than 300 million -- already larger than the entire population of the United States."

And according to the, the population is "1,355,692,576 (July 2014 est.)"

So about 1/4 or so (since the article doesn't like the number of people upper class or such) of the population make over $10,000 a year ("I define middle class as households with an annual income of between $10,000 and $60,000 U.S. dollars")... FallenAngle isn't too far off.

strangeaeon1929d ago

Yes, 2 giant companies are just going to carelessly throw out their product to a market where most make less than $2 per day.You should be more careful and check facts before you post.

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