Rare on Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise

Play writes:

"Rare and THQ have teased us long enough over the DS version of Viva Piñata, the British game maker finally taking the wraps off 'Pocket Paradise' today. We've played the game, and recently sat down with Lead Designer Gary Richards and Software Engineer Joe Humfrey to learn more...

Do you view Viva Piñata as a kids game?

GR: Yes... and no. I think kids are attracted to it. But there's so much depth to it that adults are entertained at the same time. The kiddie graphics are appealing... and they like messing around in the garden. This is why we included the Playground, so kids can play with previously unlocked Piñatas. I can set-up a garden, unlock the animals, then pass the game to my son so he can play with the Piñatas.

JH: I'd compare it with a Pixar movie. Its something designed from the outset for both adults and kids to enjoy. The game can be enjoyed on multiple levels."

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