EA Access - Will It Work?

"EA have recently announced their EA Access Service (for details see here) however the announcement of the service has raised a number of questions from fans and critics alike. In this article I seek to address the concerns gamers are having with the service, along with a discussion about implications it may have for the industry going forward."
An extract from AMHNetwork's piece on EA Access - Agree with their thoughts?

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nicksetzer11542d ago

No question, esprcially @ 30$/year (2.50$/month) it just needs more time to expand the library as right now it is a bit slim. A year or two from now though there is no question this is an amazing deal, even with just the games announced so far it has me thinking about it.

AngelicIceDiamond1542d ago

Yeah I'm personally waiting for a bigger library of games.

Then I'll might sign up then.

tgunzz1541d ago

Not sure if it will work, but it is very exciting indeed... Can't wait for the full reveal, and give it a go... Game on.

ABizzel11541d ago

Well the have the right price, and solid ideas (1 week early access, 10% off all digital games).

My main concern is the Vault and how it works.

dcbronco1541d ago

I think it will work. But it will take time. As has been said, the library is small. I actually hope this is a move toward all publishers offering similar services. In fact, they should expand it in the future.

Offer a Tiered system. One like already stated. The second with new games included. Along side the physical version. For a higher price you get new releases along with their DLC day and date with the physical release. Maybe even a week before. Lower tier gets releases six months later.

This cuts their cost, offers gamers cheaper access and makes it more likely the developers get paid for their work instead of Gamestop. I would buy FIFA and Battlefield but maybe not NHL. But I would pay $120 a year to have access to their entire library or their vault and one or two newer titles. Maybe that is the sweet spot. Two newer titles and the vault of year older or more games. With a discount of $20 on everything else compared to retail.

geddesmond1541d ago

The only good thing is the 5 day early access. The 10% off on already overpriced digital games is ok but its EA, I've a feeling they'll rise normal prices by 10% and make it seem that 1-% is good value. As for the catalogue of games. People who want those games already bought them within their first few months, now its just charging people to play games they wouldn't otherwise have played. Only EA games this gen I would want to play is UFC, Titanfall, ME4 and Dragon Age and I don't see any of them becoming available on it for at least 1 year after release. Its nice to have for people though.

700p1542d ago

It will work. Maybe not right away..but it will work. Im definitely subscribing.

blackout1541d ago

Fuk the 10% savings. 4 games and 5 day early access to new games. I am day one subscriber and anyone that feels like this service is no good is CRAZY. You get your money back with two of the vault games (Then Some). Just keep evolving Microsoft & EA. The minute Microsoft stepped of the E3 2013 floor it's been nothing but good news. Just stay humble and keep progressing.

Rocky51541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

It's now 8 games, I'm tempted since I don't own 5 of them.

£19.99 for 5 Xbox one games I don't own, would have to be mad not to jump on that.

Disagree oO must have a stalker who likes to NEG me.

As I'm sorry but as a gamer 5 games for £19.99 its a steal & there is no downside to that.

jb2271541d ago

When did it receive new games? Which titles did they add? I assumed that this would be a ps+/live gold situation where the titles would switch out, and new additions would mean removing older games

chrisarsenalsavart1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Seems like a good deal for games like mass effect, Dragon age, dead space...
But for all the sports franchise, I don't know many people who are gonna wait 8 month or so just to get fifa15,Nfl15...etc for free or just to get 10% off. Especially when u know PSN and XBL prices are way higher than high street prices. But still, it is something worth a try.

Rocky51541d ago

Current list of games are:

1) Battlefield 4
2) UFC
3) FIFA14
4) NFL 25
5) NBA 14
6) Need for speed
7) Peggle 2
8) Plants vs zombies

Dlacy13g1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

One thing to note the vault games are still only the original 4, but they do list 4 additional games that you can buy at 10% off as well as get DLC For

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AgentSmithPS41541d ago

"EA Access - Will It Work?"

The part where they take your money will work...

ThePope1541d ago

Don't worry Sony already said you can't have it cause it competes with their over priced service...I mean is not a good value. My bad.

chrisarsenalsavart1541d ago

@the pope of the fanboychurch.
To compare one thing with another, means you have an experience with both of is clearly not your case.
U shall not talk crap.
Verse 1

ThePope1541d ago


I in fact have both. I'm on the preview build for the X1 and have a PS4. Nice try

famoussasjohn1541d ago

It's a better start than what Sony is offering. Paying a few dollars PER game for a little amount of time is not a good deal. At least you can try them before you buy them, and also get 10% off the game when you buy it from there.

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