Has Next Gen Peaked?

Gameplayer writes:

Post MGS and GTA what do we have to look forward to?

What did I have to look forward to now? Resident Evil 5? That's miles away. Gears of War 2? Yeah… I guess. Resistance 2? Wasn't that big a fan of the first. LittleBigPlanet? Well, Sackboy is no Solid Snake…

Sadly, it seemed – after playing both MGS and GTA – everything else seemed to pale in comparison.

And it got me to thinking – has next gen peaked? Is there anything on the horizon as potentially as excited as the games we've been playing recently? If you had asked me 2 years ago which games I was most looking forward to playing this gen I would have rattled off MGS4, GTAIV, and Halo 3 without thinking twice. Now that I've completed all three, I'm finding it hard to get excited about anything else. Sure there'll be other games, but will anything else come close to the high watermark reached by those two masterpieces?

The answer to that question is almost definitely yes. A console's true potential is typically shown later in it's life cycle, but it's almost endemic of this generation's lack of barnstorming new IP's that I'm personally finding it hard to get animated over new titles I haven't played yet. As far as I'm concerned, the best games of this generation have been sequels and this makes it hard for me to get excited about any games that don't have a ginormous number after the title.

I mean let's be honest – was Resistance better than Call of Duty 4? Was Saints Row better than GTA IV? Will Assassin's Creed top Metal Gear Solid 4. Unlikely.

Which makes it all the more difficult to get overly excited about games like Mirror's Edge, LittleBigPlanet, or Alan Wake. I mean they could be top AAA titles, but will they outplay Solid Snake?

Here's hoping – but I wouldn't bet on it...

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Shadow Flare3782d ago

What a stupid article, it really depends on what kind of games you like. Maybe for this guy, "sackboy is no solid snake"....what, you was expecting him to fight metal gear then? For me personally, i've just been playing Warhawk and bouts of Burnout Paradise currently, and then when MGS4 releases thats what i know i'll be stuck on, then MGO, then when LittleBigPlanet comes out i'll probably be sleeping upside down like a bat (thats if i sleep) and then i want to try Resistance 2 with its awesome online and definately wanna try Killzone 2. Maybe Motorstorm 2. Then i'll be ready for Gran Turismo 5 and through all that still be playing LittleBigPlanet aswell. Then FFXIII comes out and my skin will probably fry in sunlight. And then back with LittleBigPlanet. And im still really hoping for an FFVII remake, i know it will come. Thats what im looking forward so to say next-gen has peaked is ludicrous. Well,...for the ps3 anyway. Its gonna get expensive for me

Jamie Foxx3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

after -pong,zelda,mario,gta,goldeney e,gtranturismo, metalgear, finalfantasy,

the stuff thats gets approved on n4g is atrocious

PMantix3782d ago

Analysts have determined that the gaming industry actually crashed in the early 90's!

Any so called 'games' you have played since then have been complete and utter fabrication!

Tomdc3782d ago

It will reach its peak for me when I have Final Fantasy 13, Little Big Planet and most importantly of all, from my favourite game franchise: KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!!!!

CrashSharc3782d ago

this guy's an idiot and this article is just gibberish.

nuff said.

proArchy3782d ago

you watch. I WILL make Sackboy fight a Metal Gear!!

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pwnmaster30003782d ago

of course not
here is a least (i will make one for 360 )
resistance 2
god of war 3
star ocean 4 (dam sure its timed)
final fantasy 13 and versus
the agency
little big planet
and many more

star ocean 4
tales (timed)
mass effect 2
gears 2
and many more

tell me if im missing some

rbanke3782d ago

Your favorite sequel coming to the newest generation console is allways nice, however he seems to overlook the fact that every generation has brought great new game series that no one expected. This generation is only 2 years +- old, we havnt seen the best yet.

Silogon3782d ago

Gta4 isn't a benchmark it's a step back. This guy is a moron and doesn't deserve to speak or have an opinion anyone could take seriously. Same could be said for me, but atleast I'm being truthful.

Shadow Flare3782d ago

you have talked so much BS in the past that the damage is done

pwnmaster30003782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

u kno wat here is a bubble for telling the truth, for wat u really are

but ur not truthful though ur like the most annoying troll here ur more annoying and unreliable then power of green

but still here is a bubble becuase i feel bad for u

power of Green 3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

MGS4 lol there's plenty of games on the way that makes even mentioning MGS4 a joke lol.

Surely this dude has no real understanding of this industry saying such ridiculous sh*t. this goes for any game not just MGS4. WoW.

GTA4 on the top? lol

Its like saying all creativness and innovation stops lol, he's saying a game coming out in a day is the milestone of this generation lol.

Who found this sh*t? lol thats pretty tall talk for a game some people found to be just another rehash then you have the Hideo bribes with the reviewers etc.

Shadow Flare3782d ago

"MGS4 lol there's plenty of games on the way that makes even mentioning MGS4 a joke lol."

what like, Banjo 3? Or,.. uh Huxley? What else is there, oh Gears of War 2, or is it 1, i can't tell cos the graphics are the same.

Bitter that MGS4 isn't on 360 are we? Or the fact its getting critically acclaimed reviews? I suppose you have played it then to know its a joke. Power of green, i think your hair has some of your shat stuck to it

power of Green 3782d ago

Alot of people thought GTA4 wasn't that great or as great as the hype suggest same with MGS4 this post is a joke you fanboys should be ashamed for even supporting this sh*t lol.

I'm sure most people will come in here to poke fun of it as I did. lol

Closing3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

No PoG you're the only joke here. I doubt you even play games, and are probably payed by M$ to come spread BS. Do you ever just talk about games you enjoy besides, which console you own? Get a freakin life.

Besides possibly RE5 expect MGS4 to extremely hard to top due to the vision of the developers, and their ability to deliver that vision time, and time again, which has nothing to do with which console I own, and everything to do with that's just the way it is.

Grow up man. Learn to make up your own mind, and not let a corporation do it for you. Lastly stop spouting off about rabids, and fanboys because thats just the pot calling the kettle black, and in fact you're the worst one of them all.

juuken3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

"MGS4 lol there's plenty of games on the way that makes even mentioning MGS4 a joke lol."

You should get punched repeatedly for saying that.

Games like what, may I ask?

You see, that's why you're hated around here. Even your own group hates you. Why don't you give up?

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