PS Now is not made for gamers like me

GameZone's Mike Splechta: "As new iterations of consoles keep releasing, the more user friendly they get (after a few system updates at least). We now have the ability for instance to instantly capture a screenshot or even footage with a press of a button, or hell, livestream our gameplay to the world to watch. We even get to talk to our console, telling it to snap a TV channel to the side of our screen, without us ever needed to get up from the couch. With all these advancements to user friendliness, it's jarring just how backwards PS Now seems to be to Sony gamers."

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C-H-E-F1936d ago

SMH, "PS Now is not made for gamers like me" then you turn around in the article and complain about Sony pricing the content... I stopped reading because PS Now prices are from the devs not Sony... sooooooooooo research before crying and whining... hook up your ps3 and play your old games on it... this wasn't a problem when the ps3 was out and ppl wanted to play ps2 games on non-bc ps3 sku's so do it... all i'm hearing is lil ******* crying and crying...

MrSwankSinatra1936d ago

Actually people complained throughout the entire generation about sony taking BC out of the PS3 to play PS2 games.

donthate1936d ago


Sony has the power to say, this is the price set for games. Either you do that or gtfo!

Does Sony let publisher set a price on PS+ "FREE" games?

NO, it is free damn it!

Do publishers set prices on retail disc based games?

NO, it is $60 retail price damn it!

SO do Sony have any say in the matter?

YES, damn it!

showtimefolks1936d ago

actually no, because if sony says that than those publishers/devs can walk away and psn-now is left without a lot of support

if i remember correctly at E3 sony said point blank that they will be getting our feedback and psn-now will improve upon the feedback. SO why are we complaining? has the service launched already? its in Beta and that means nothing is final

please don't judge a service before it actually launches

donthate1936d ago


Of course publishers can walk away, and it is Sony's job to convince them otherwise. Clearly the prices are too high relative to the what consumers get.

Sony managed to get publishers to give their game away for free, so certainly they have the ability to work this.

Also, slapping a beta label on it doesn't mean the service isn't launched. At this point, it is launched by all accounts. Even if a service gets taken off the beta label, doesn't means things are final either fyi.

So I WILL judge the service based on it now and I will judge it again if and when it changes!

harrisk9541935d ago

"Does Sony let publisher set a price on PS+ "FREE" games? NO, it is free damn it!"

Actually, it is not free for Sony... Sony pays the publishers for the privilege of offering those free games on PS+

C-H-E-F1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Listen those who cried when the ps3 without BC was release got what they deserved... They waited on the sideline for a price drop and got what they paid for. If they supported the console like they should've then there wouldn't have been a need to gut the console like that.

As far as the pricing its already been stated countless times that devs/publishers buy servers on the PS now cloud gaming server... And they are free to choose there pricing model as they saw fit. Which made this whole PS now thing blow up because devs/publishers are setting high prices for old behind games... Far as the pricing I just think old games should be no more than 15$-20$ for 90 days and new games can be 40$ for 90$ because well its a new damn game it'd be dumb to rent it out for super cheap no one will buy the retail. Games after being out for 1-2 yrs can be no more than 30$ for 90days.

the only thing I would like to see is my PS plus games move to PS now servers.. So I can delete alot of them off the ps4, vita and ps3 because in two years my tb won't be enough.

alwayzbusi11935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Right, and while the 4 hour rentals could be extended to 1 day in my opinion. The prices are high compared to what? What rental service or game store allows you to rent a PS3 AND a game at PS Now's rates? Because that's what you're doing here. You're using their PS3 hardware AND their game for that price. The title is right, PS Now is not for you if you have a PS3. But what about those who don't? I think the prices are not far off for what you get.

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Insomnia_841936d ago

It definitely is for me! 👌

FRAKISTAN1936d ago

HOLD the Phone haters,this ain't microsft, its Sony and they care about their fanbase

donthate1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Yup, that is why they blocked their fanbase from getting access to EA Access. It ain't valuable to you fanbase, but here, take PS Now, it is excellent value!

showtimefolks1936d ago

EA yeh you mean 2 sports games from last year
a broken FPS from last year
and peggle 2

let me know when EA actually offers their brand new games on this service, the service is nothing but a way for people to pay only to play year or more older games

and if psn-now is successful EA's service will not only fail but EA will offer its games on psn-now, and if for any reason it's greatly successful than sony can simply ask to make the service available to ps4

psn-now is getting content from every publisher and EA offering their own games. so which do you think will be better? sony didn't spend over 340 million to buy Gaikai only to not know what to do with them

marlinfan101935d ago


if you like those games on ea access that you shrug off like they're nothing, then ea access is a much better deal than ps now.

and i liked this comment btw

"let me know when EA actually offers their brand new games on this service, the service is nothing but a way for people to pay only to play year or more older games "

most of ps nows games are a lot older than a year and it cost as much to rent one them for 4 hrs as ea access does to subscribe for a full month, and you get a 10% discount for that month.

FireProChamp1936d ago

It isn't made for anyone with an understanding of the value of a dollar.

I love my PS4, but I'll never try PS Now with their crazy pricing.

WeAreLegion1936d ago

You won't play any of the games you already purchased on PS3 for free on your PS4?

DualWielding1936d ago

Ps4 is not backwards compatuble it sucks but we have to deal with it. If you want to play ps3 games play them on ps3. And why would anyone think that digital ps3 gamess games would run on ps4 if disc didnt that makes 0 sense at all

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