Top 15 Amiga 500 Games renowned for their music

The Amiga 500, back in the day was a machine ahead of its time. Its graphics and sound better than anything else. But what gave the Amiga its real edge was its sound, this article takes a look at the top 15 Amiga games renowned for their quality gaming soundtracks.

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Yi-Long1929d ago

Turrican 1 and 2 were such amazing games, in every department. Would love to see a new HD Turrican coming out.

Sadly, the genesis/SNES versions were nowhere near as great as the C64 and Amiga version.

reaperofsouls1929d ago

Agreed, turrican2 was an excelent game and i would love to see a remake

forcefullpower1929d ago

They really need to remake the Turrican series as a 2D HD remake no third person crap.

Why o why1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Turrican .....great shout. Most bitmap brothers games has good music.

Glad to be around some mid 30 year olds.

Game on, lol
Amiga music: Turrican 3 (main theme):

The best one was t3 for me

Hendrickson1929d ago

There are many games that need a remake I think from the Amiga era. So many classics. Shadow of the Beast, is one that is getting a remake a least, I hope it lives up to the series.