Lego Batman's Troy Baker On More Last Of Us And Dee Bradley Baker On Left 4 Dead

During Comic Con, [Game Informer] had the opportunity to sit in on round table discussions with some of the voice actors in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. After beginning the interview by saying, "I’m Batman. I’m Batman. No, no. I’m Batman," in Batman's gravely voice, Troy Baker (Last of Us, Infamous Second Son, BioShock Infinite, Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor) talked about playing both Batman and Joker, how he quickly got over his jealousy of not playing Batman in The Lego Movie, and why he's on board with whatever Naughty Dog wants to do next – including a Last of Us sequel. [Game Informer] also spoke with actor Dee Bradley Baker about his Left 4 Dead appreciation.

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