PS4 is Crushing Xbox One in Germany According to Official Sales Numbers

In the race for supremacy in the market for video game consoles, Microsoft has lost much of its latest console from Sony in Germany on bottom. This is clear from the current data from the market research company Media Control GfK for the month of June, the present By Thomas Schmidtutz

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randomass1711931d ago

Not at all surprising. PS4 is crushing Xbox in its home territory as well. PS4's gamer-friendly approach has really paid off I would say.

JonnyBigBoss1931d ago

Yeah. Xbox's performance in North America is so important, and even there it's being beaten.

Ezz20131931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

wait till it release in the other 33 countries
and don't tell me that PS4 is already Beating xbox in the countries they share..that doesn't matter
Ps4 will lose and lose badly

you just wait just wait damnit

jk jk guys ....just messing with you all
i really don't care about consoles wars sales at all

SoapShoes1931d ago

@Exx2013 - What does that have to do with Germany?

OrangePowerz1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )


The other countries are small fish and had never been Xbox strongholds in the first place hence why MS wasn't bothered with launching in these countries.

I have many friends in Japan and the console will sink there just like the first 2 consoles no matter what Japanese games they will have. The 360 had [email protected] the Sackaguchi games and that helped not at all with their sales.

As for China, neither X1 or PS4 will make a big impact there. Most games will be banned because 99% of the games you and I can buy will not meet Chinese regulations and they are a lot more into PC Online games over there.

China and the other countries are the typical excuses for X1 being behind, but nobody bringing the topics up has any clue about the market. Also if you get your ass kickes in all countries both have launched it doesn't really bode well for them to lead in their weak markets and even if they would what do you think how many consoles are sold in countries like Sweden?


He should put /s at the end, he wouldn't be the first to be serious when saying that :) Case in point being our friend Truefan1 a bit further down. :-D

DigitalRaptor1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

@ Ezz2013

Nice one! Get that chalkboard ready:

It's going to be one fun generation.

@ everyone else

Ezz was joking, I thought it was pretty obvious.

amiga-man1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

After this was there any doubt the PS4 would dominate

MazzingerZ1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

EU sales figures for next Q will be even more impressive as stock got stable across Europe as late as last month in many countries.

I will be getting my PS4 when Destiny releases and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

on a side comment:
I hope Wii U do better, had the chance to try one and I thought it was pretty neat and a different offering to what the other consoles offer, Wii U makes a good combo, they just need more 3rd party to believe in games that use the console capabilities but as long as Nintendo doesn't see HW from SW as 2 different things will keep being closed to 3rd party partnerships and try to keep the Wii U market to themselves and their Mario and Zelda games which is what is hurting them right now, not the console itself.

I'm just waiting for a real new Metroid from RETRO to get a Wii U.

Conzul1930d ago

Wow really N4G? If you REALLY needed to see an /s after Ezz's comment, then you are truly lost.

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truefan11931d ago ShowReplies(33)
gamercologyst1931d ago

but Sony , microsoft and Nintendo are turning their back to the hardcore gamer and they are embracing the casual gamer #fact

Spotie1931d ago

Making something up, then adding an arbitrary hashtag doesn't make it factual.

SilentNegotiator1930d ago

Pretty much every comment I have ever read on this site that ended in "#fact" or "Fact." has been far from it, and this comment is no exception.

ramiuk11930d ago

i love the fact sony supporting new devs and giving them exposure.
some great games on way and already some awesome games been out.

Ms i would agree with but now they ditched kinect we see how they change scope.

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ArchangelMike1931d ago

The Xboxone is cheaper than the PS4 in Germany, and yet it's still being outsold by a 3:1 margin! That's not a good sign.

Muerte24941931d ago

Yeah that's life to date or LTD.

YTD it's actually > 4:1


slasaru011930d ago

That just Germans hate Americans and ps is good with bluray/porn

novcze1930d ago

not really surprising since Xbone is aimed at USA with its home entertainment focus

Moe-Gunz1930d ago

Germans hate Americans is such a bs and ignorant statement. My brother lives in Germany and they effing love Americans and American culture.

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Bigpappy1931d ago

When has Xbox anything ever outsold Playsation in German, france, Italy or spain.

SuperBlur1931d ago

actually , i believe the 360 was strong in france but i could be wrong.

SpinalRemains1381931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

When has Xbox anything outsold PS anything period?

It has had small pockets of success over the competition, but Xbox is a last place seller every generation. That ground they picked up last Gen with 360......gone.

Bzone241931d ago

"When has Xbox anything outsold PS anything period?"

I'm pretty sure, not completely, the Xbox 360 has sold more software than the PS3 so far. There's one thing.

styferion1930d ago

@BZone that's simply because people prefer to play multiplayer on XB and if you want to play multiplayer with your friends all of you have to buy 1 copy each, compare that to PS exclusives which almost always focused on single player and you can simply buy different titles and lend it to each other if you're done...

why do you think so many games have those half-assed multiplayer now? It's to make people buy copies of game for themselves and not lending to each other.

andibandit1930d ago


Ok so you're saying sales are like they are, because one camp was lending games to eachother????


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Pogmathoin1931d ago

PS beating Xbox in Germany, really? As for the rest of the worlld, not even one year..... Time will tell. Games will speak. Who cares then who wins once we have games.. To people here, Sony winning is more important than what is happening in Gaza.

bloodybutcher1930d ago

Of course it is, if we would want to discuss the world news, we'd do it in the ''news'' section...duh

novcze1930d ago

N4G ... go figure.

As for Gaza, why should I care about stupid people fighting over some f*cking religous or race reasons

DanteVFenris6661930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

If it was my decision id nuke them and pretend the people their never existed. A simple solution to a simple problem. Unfortunately in this modern world we hold some weird form of justice. Look at the crimes of the past, even america dropped a bomb just 50 years Ago not giving two shits about civilians. I say we do the exact same thing. For North Korea as well

extermin8or1930d ago

As heartless as Dante's suggestion is thinking about it his suggestion doesn't entail anything they aren't already doing to each other. Civilians are still getting hurt and killed just his way takes out the prolonged suffering. Still... Im sure there are better solutions to be found. But if we wanted to discuss that we wouldn't be on a gaming news site.

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harrisk9541931d ago

PS4 is winning in the U.S.... "Crushing"? Not so sure. Seemingly insurmountable lead in the U.S.? Yep, pretty much.

styferion1930d ago

Xbox never won against PS outside NA/UK, ever.
Finding XB fanboys that live outside those territories is like finding Bigfoot or Yeti.

FanboyKilla1930d ago


Lmfao n4g=sony propaganda. Im not happy with my ps4, and instead of hearing them talk about making my situation better, i get this crap. Articles telling me the console that gets played the least, hell it barely even gets turned on, and is doing absolutely nothing for me or my family, is awesome sauce.

So no info on getting better eh? I could go on and on about what the other guys got going on, but that would be a waste of time, cause im sure you see it. This is why you flash the most positive thing about you in peoples faces. Funny those people are the reason you have that accolade. We bought that shit. We know its doing well for you, but what about me? No good news for me? Like you know a f n game. New features. A f n game! Up to date software. And this is definitely not the machine you sold me on a year ago at e3.

I dont love you sony. I dont even know who the hell you are. But i do love games, i do, and i know what they are and what they are not. Almost every ps4 article you see these days, are not even talking about games. Hell, sony doesnt even talk about games unless, they putting down someone else work smh. Wtf am i suppose to do with these sale figures? I dont give a flying one!! I play games. Where the fuc* is god of war mutha luva, uncharted, that f n made up game the last guardian. Sheesh games man games. Remember #fortheplayer or some shi* like that.

Flames761930d ago

I dont think the PS4 at 3.7 million and the Xbox One at 3.4 million in america is crushing anyone.Now the Xbox 360 at 48 million in america and the ps3 at 29 million now thats crushing.

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Eonjay1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

VG Chartz has over estimated the Xbox One by about 20k and under estimated the PS4 by about 60k.

Official PS4 is 540k as VG Chartz has 480k end of June
Official Xbox One is 170k. VG Chartz has 195k end of june

Reality says the gap is 370k XO has 31% of PS4 total. 3:1
Vtchartz say the gap is 285k XO has 41% of PS4 total. 2.5:1

Bonus: VGChartz has overestimated the Xbox 360 by over 1 million units. By more than 50%. They were able to manifest, in the for of a complete guess, an extra 1 million units win the system only sold 2 million in total.

insomnium21930d ago

And at the same time it's ALLWAYS that way around. Undertrack PS, overtrack XB. Last gen the difference was CRAZY. Especially in the beginning when the media shat on Sony all the time.

Jury1931d ago

In fairness to Vg charts, it is difficult to GUESS sales numbers with any accuracy

rainslacker1930d ago

Guessing is hard, making up stuff is easy. Some people don't know, but the guys over at VGChartz have no real statistical model to extrapolate how many sales a system may have based on sample data. Their track record over the past years should be proof enough of that.

hkgamer1930d ago

they do a pretty good job with their estimates, and they always will change their numbers when they get hold of official numbers.

to me it seems ok. they are guessing pretty accurately, especially if you say they get no actual data.

rainslacker1930d ago


You think so? It's not hard to guess when sales numbers are generally constant week to week all year round. Week to week the numbers don't change enough(usually a few thousand here or there), where one can claim a small margin of error to make up the discrepancy and look competent.

But then you look at those unique times. Such as when a new SKU is announced. When a big system seller game comes out. When a price cut happens or is announced. All those types of things which can cause a surge in sales.

When you look at those times, their numbers are off by a wide margin, which makes it readily apparent that they make the stuff up.

Think of it this way. VGCharts had Sony's PS4 tracked at 7.1 million in April(as I recall). Sony then came out and said that they sold over 8 million PS4 consoles already. That's almost a 12% margin of error. And that's assuming that Sony sold 8 million + 1 PS4 consoles. But what if Sony sold 8.1, or 8.5 million. Each 100K units is approximately another 1.5% margin of error. That kind of discrepancy is not a good margin to base sales arguments over, and it only serves for fan boy fodder arguments each week.

I'm cool with looking at historical data through them, because as you say they do update the numbers. But when it comes to week to week, or over recent periods without any verfiable sales references from the companies or NPD(or similar), then you see that their numbers are usually way off.

Almost without fail, the numbers are greater for one system, while being much lower for another. If they were accurate, or even close to accurate in their guessing, then the change when official numbers happen wouldn't be in the 10's(ie multiple tens) of thousands. Given that that is usually the case, I find it hard to understand why VGChartz is given any credibility at all for current sales data.

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