Naughty Dog's Corrinne Yu Inspired by Carmack to Aim for 60 FPS; Wishes Had More Time on TLOU PS4

Naughty Dog's graphics coder Corrinne Yu is considered one of the most prominent experts in the industry in tweaking graphics engines for performance and glitz, even due to her previous work as Principal Engine Programmer in Microsoft's Halo team.

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Pandamobile1935d ago

It's getting a little tiresome hearing about 60 FPS like it's some brand new revelation in the games industry...

Artista 1935d ago

Things are never a big deal until consoles catch up. . just gonna have to live with it ^_^

Am_Ryder1935d ago

Brand new for consoles. Still tiresome as heck though. Fps is function over fashion for me. Over 30 and i'm happy. One sensitizes to fps and resolution really quickly so it barely matters anyway when it's lower/ higher.

SoapShoes1935d ago

Brand new? Sonic Adventure in 1998 was 60fps and, at the time, looked better than PC games.

I_am_Batman1935d ago

I think there were over 100 games that run at 60fps on the PSOne (like Tekken1, 2 and 3). Nothing brand new about it.

NarooN1935d ago

Agreed, Batman (wow, don't get to say that every day...)

I remember playing TONS of PS1 and even PS2 games that were a solid 60fps. I remember playing a few racing games on PS1 and Dreamcast that had actual cheat codes to boost the framerate to 60fps, at the cost of a small dip in visual quality. The inverse was also true on some games: a code that lowered the framerate down to 30fps but increased the visual fidelity. I remember Gran Turismo 1 had a "High Res" option.

TL;DR: 60fps is nothing new for consoles. Only the CoD Kiddie Generation would think otherwise.

Am_Ryder1934d ago

When I wrote that comment up there, I was on the cusp of adding "brand new for HD 3D games, that is." Because obviously plenty of games have been 30FPS or above.

I decided to leave that clause out, and within a day, a ton of disagrees jump on the tiny crack in my argument... It was clear what I meant. This fucking website, man.

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KING851935d ago

It certainly isn't new. I think the media is making a fuss is because the new consoles are now able to output native 1080p and 60fps.

Am_Ryder1934d ago

If you see my comment above, I knew that. Because it's blindingly obvious. I thought I wouldn't have to clarify that, obviously, plenty of console games have been 60FPS. I was referring to current-gen stuff, namely since high-FPS became some massively important talking point.

user56695101935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Most console gamers on this site don't look to or appreciate anything outside of their preferred console. Look at how much they bash each other and downplay games that's not on their console. Look at all the great indie games and big dev games that get port and now they love. I bet you now they will respect Carmack just because this. where as we pc gamers take info and research then give an opinion.

He wasn't right to say it like that but he was mainly saying game play is the most important thing. Why are you playing games if it's not to have fun. He focuses on the tech of God engine because that's what he's great at. It not a one man team that makes a great game if you really felt that way why are you waiting for no man's sky it has no story at all. I'm not saying I agree with everything he say and do but it should be common sense what he is talking about. Gamers love fun games. A lot of people best selling and love game is not the best graphical games. And that's one of the reasons they wouldn't last on console yell go to the next new or graphical games.

Devs use this as new marketing because they know there are a lot of fun boys spreading the word. They are easily manipulated. All you have to do is say res and frame rate the fanboys will do the rest in spreading the hype. Look at watch dogs the Devs didn't spread the hype the fanboys did. They just was excited about their game and the fanboys used it to compare how powerful the consoles was different. Half of last year that game was off the radar but as soon as they said it was a difference in res people started talking about it. Pub and Devs know how to get these gamers. And most of the level headed gamers when it comes to these tactics are pic gamers because saying that we will no be impressed because we were doing it a long time ago.

LightDiego1935d ago

And you want to say something about fanboys with this name and your stealth troll in every single console article? I don't want to be rude or something, but you are one of the biggest idiots of here.

user56695101935d ago

Ha I did make this name to piss people off but most of what I say is to wake people up because why we fight these companies are getting over on us. I definitely don't hide my hate for ps fanboys since I use to be a ps fan. People get mad that I point out contradictions and you on of them. Ps fanboys are running rampant on this site

BitbyDeath1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

I agree, 60fps is so overrated. Differences between 30 and 60 are minimal at best.

Pandamobile1935d ago

Maybe if you're visually impaired.

KING851935d ago

I don't know how many 60fps games you've played, but in my experience the difference is very big. I guess to each their own.

lsujester1935d ago

To me it largely depends on the game how much of a difference it makes. Side by side, you can usually tell, but functionally it depends on other factors, such as visual references. TLOU is very noticeable, but something Journey probably wouldn't be as much because there's not as much movement any given time.

Plagasx1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Why do people say this??? It would take a blind person to not be able to tell the difference.. -_-

Jihaad_cpt1935d ago

Sounds like when people say 1280x720 looks the same as 1920x1080. There is a difference but not every game needs it

BitbyDeath1935d ago

30FPS is smooth as butter for me, if seeing better is an impairment then this is one I wouldn't want to give up.

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1935d ago Replies(3)
blackbirdi1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

stop hyping this bi*** she is getting all the credits for last of us and everybody knows that the work was from the ice-team and other developers at naugthy dog ...its really a shame that she got the credit for things she didn't contribute at all and all the hype about uncharted 4 engine it was written by somebody else she is only overseeing the project nothing more and thats why many guys leaves naughty dogs because this women is geting all the credits even for games she wasn't a part of it

blackbirdi1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

dude i worked with that women for 4 years before and believe it or not she is nothing ....what she is claiming never was true
she is married one of the directors at gearbox she gains power only because of her husband and in interview she credit everything to her self even the first borderlands was delayed because of her bad coding and the engine was a total disaster thats why we switched to unreal engine and we took a cell shading

DeadMansHand1935d ago

@black. I hope your coding is better than your grammar.

MasterCornholio1935d ago

Sounds like you worked for the women instead of with that women.

Was she your superior or something?

I dont see why you are so jealous of her that you have to spread BS about your ex boss. Just be happy that she's working at Naughtydogs instead of your studio.

blackbirdi1935d ago

she never was my superior , she was a co-worker you can ask anybody at naughty dogs or even at 343 studios if she really deserve the credits for that work or not and you will be really surprised what they will say about her ...

MasterCornholio1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )


You were probably just the janitor then. I refuse to believe that a programmer with a college education can't even make comments that are grammatically correct on N4G.

I dont see any proof that you even worked with her in the first place.

Cryptcuzz1935d ago

What is your full name and position in the company, when you used to work with her. No name person spreading FUD is not respectable at all.

sourav931935d ago worked with her...

kingPoS1935d ago

The way I see it, a reputation can draw people in. Only those who've worked with her would know what really goes on. In my case, I'm on the outside looking in, I see a tweet here or there and all of sudden the web explodes. I can help but feel that people use those kind of sites for power trips in addition to hype.

It's also one of the reasons why folks keep coming back to n4g, people love rumors, regardless of it being true or not.

Gateway MT6706 2008

WeAreLegion1935d ago

No decent game developer is going to hire someone who can't piece together simple sentences. You have never worked with Corrinne Yu.

voodoochild3461935d ago

Believe it or not the majority of the earth's population speaks languages other than English. America is not the world.

WeAreLegion1935d ago

That comment was completely unnecessary here. This person clearly speaks English, fluently.

What makes you think I'm an American, anyway? I could be British. I could be from any country, really. English is a popular language.

Get off your "America sucks" pedestal.

dcj05241935d ago

Yeah English isn't the only language.

TekoIie1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )


Making the baseless assumption that because person X on the internet speaks english they must be American?

Therefore because they're American they think America is the world?

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gamercologyst1935d ago

so why don't inspire to Carmack About the Story Driven games?

"Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie. It's expected to be there, but it's not that important." - John Carmack

if you downvote me it wouldn't change the fact that you don't like Videogames and everything you care is Graphic and Story Deal With it

you're not a gamer i'm sorry you're just another dumbed down casual gamer

MegaRay1935d ago

There's nothing wrong in having a good Story and Graphics if that doesnt affect the gameplay. sadly, it does affect the gameplay most of the time.
But for me, I always ask how good the "gameplay" is, and never really care how "realistic" it look, or how "amazing" the story is.

SuperBlunt1935d ago

Kojima productions and naughty dog with tlou seem to be the only ones who can push graphics, story, and gameplay very very hard imo

1nsomniac1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

I agree with you, Carmack has seriously lost the plot over the last decade!

His comments regarding pretty much everything have been mindblowingly stupid for someone that is so talented!

kevnb1935d ago

I'm very confused, are you alright?

SuperBlur1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

even if corrinne yu was inspired by the pope , she doesn't work on stories , she's a graphic coder

Same goes for John Carmack , he's a programmer not a story writter , who cares..

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Kivespussi1935d ago

I wish every game would aim for 60fps even if it would come at a cost of graphics... Good that ND has taken this approach, TLOU multiplayer is fantastic at 60fps.

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