Nvidia GTX Geforce ‘Grand Finale’ at Gamescom 2014 – Gigabyte GTX 880 Gaming G1 Revealed

WCCF: Nvidia is gearing up some kind of 'Grand Finale' at Gamescom. Oh, and remember when we told you that the GTX 880 will be launching in early October? Guess when the Gigabyte GTX 880 Gaming G1 GPU is launching.

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a08andan1929d ago

Yes plz! And with it a pricecut on the GTX 760-80. Haven't decided which one to buy yet! But I wanted to wait for the 800-series to arrive!

traumadisaster1929d ago

The 880 should be as good as an improvement as the last several, 580 680 was around 30% each time. So 10-20 frames improvement in top tier games? Crysis3 on a 580 30fps, 680 50fps, 780 60fps, 880 4k?

Boody-Bandit1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I gave up on waiting and picked up 2 GTX 780 Ti Classified Kingpins. Since I'm only interested in 1080p triples for now I didn't see a need to wait. I figure it's going to take an additional year before the top card manufacturers bring out their versions of the 880 with more memory, higher speeds and overall better performance. Besides I never jump right into new tech. It's always best to wait until the kinks are ironed out and revisions and updates are made.

I probably wont make the jump into 4k until I can do it with triple panel 4k displays. I doubt that will happen for another few years. At least at max settings and no less than 60fps on all games. Besides most higher resolution monitors have a fair amount of input lag. Most of them average more than 3 frames per second.

My 1080ps have less than 0.5fps input lag. That matters most to me when gaming online. What's the point of having prettier graphics if your enemy has a 2.5 frame rate advantage over you? It's the difference between I owned that b!tch vs "WTF, NO WAY IN H3LL! THAT GUY HAD HIS BACK TO ME WHEN I STARTED FIRING!"

So these new GPUs and graphics cards wont do me much good for now. I am hitting max settings in 1080p at or over 60fps on just one 780 Ti Classified. With both enabled my frame rates are off the charts and I can run any game at max settings and over 60fps. Even and including BF4 and Crysis 3. I can't do without my triple panels and low input latency. Although 4k does look amazing.

Who knows maybe I will get one 4K display to play certain PC games offline and use my triples for online gaming only. Best of both worlds. Great now my wallet is cringing again.

DoctorJones1929d ago

I was thinking about getting one like this in a few months when I've seen some reviews. The price should have gone down by then by a bit as well -

28" 4k with 1ms response time. Looks pretty good, but I'd like to see some reviews first.

Boody-Bandit1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

That looks like a decent monitor. The only draw back for me is it being only 60hz. 1ms sounds nice but I wonder what the true input lag measures?

I should've never entered this article. Now I'm craving a 4k monitor and I just dropped a small fortune on upgrading my existing rig.

Oh well time to do some more research.

traumadisaster1929d ago

I've been gaming at 4k 30hz on a pos seiki for over a year, and as bad as that is the 4k on single player games are great. Now I'm on a 60 hz and it's fantastic. Now I want a second titan though.

LAWSON721929d ago

I think I might sell my GPU this month. I have not been playing on PC lately and it would be nice to pocket the cash while the sell price is still up, then pick up a 800 series card when they release.

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