Destiny Will Be This Generation's Halo

The similarities between the two IPs are actually quite astonishing, and as Halo defined one generation, Destiny might define another.

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randomass1711936d ago

Very big claim. But the beta I played was solid IMO. Fun squad gameplay that has a lot of potential if they make some necessary changes like better connectivity to other squads and some more customization options. I'm looking forward to it whether or not it is as big as Halo.

tigertron1936d ago

Halo will be this generation's Halo.

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Spurg1936d ago

Damn beat me to it as well

700p1936d ago

Agreed. The only way destiny will dethrone halo will be if there was no more halos.

objdadon1935d ago

Halo has been dying the last three years.

Sevir1935d ago

Um... Halo has been dethroned long ago. Not sure how the IP sells now, but it hasn't sold its crazy numbers since Reach... And it's had 2 halo games released since then.

I agree that halo will be this gen's halo.
But Destiny... Man that Game, so much scope, so much addiction... I can't wait for September 9th.

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Farmassy1935d ago

I don't see why everyone freaks out about destiny. I played the beta and was a little let down. I expected something new and innovative and I don't really think destiny does anything groundbreaking. If I compare it to halo, it just comes up short. The basic gameplay is just not as good. There are not going to be a ton of missions or land to cover. Its like you mixed a little halo with a little borderlands. Halo's gameplay was better and borderland's leveling and looting was better.

The game just comes up short. I will still get it because I was really looking forward to it and there is nothing else coming out that I want until october. Hopefully it will surprise me.

OrangePowerz1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

While there are similarities I think both of them are quite different.

I do think however that more people will play Destiny on Xbox and that it has a more long term appeal.


I hated the Borderlands loot system ever enemy you drop throws loot at you and there is nothing special about getting a new item and it doesn't take long before you find a new one and discard your previous one.

IGN had two videos this week where they talk about raids and high level characters. Every equipment has a ton of upgrades to unlock and raiding from the video sounds great with no free Boss kills but actuall skill and teamwork required.

700p1935d ago

@objdadon its not dying if it keeps selling.

@sevir how could the top selling xbox exclusive be dethroned long ago?...Please explain.

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blackout1936d ago

This Multiplatform garbage. Hell naaaaaa. Halo will be exclusive, play better & look better. Sounds like a Sony fan still looks for a halo killer. Won't ever happen.

HiTMaNHuntr1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I don't think that's what this article is implying. Lol

If anything this article implies that just like the original Halo, which was huge at the time and evolved the FPS genre into the next generation of consoles. (Which is an opinion some have. I honestly never played the first Halo game so I can't say.)
The article maker basically believes that Destiny is the Halo 1 of this generation.
Now wether this is true remains to be seen.

DasTier1935d ago

Personally I can't see how people are trying to compare the people are arguing that Destiny will be as influential as Halo CE.

Halo CE set the standard of how console FPS still work today.

Destiny looks and plays like a hybrid of Halo and Borderlands.

Destiny will be as influential as Titanfall.

Johnsonparts231935d ago

Das- you can't be serious. Titianfall is pvp only and is very barebones. Destiny has an incredible amount of depth. And whys it hard to believe that the guys that MADE Halo could make another game just as influential? No matter what Halo going forward will always just be a shell of itself.

Shadonic1935d ago

I got a PS4 first this Gen, been Halo fan since the beginning, did more than most by researching the lore about the Didact and the precursors and stuff after completing the game and such but after playing through Halo 4 I'm worried about the series even though whats been confirmed so far with the multiplayer is good. The Halo 4 Hype dropped almost as fast as the Titanfall Hype. The Population was decreasing so rapidly on the game that I thought that their was some sort of viral infection transmitted through the disk or something. These are things you cant deny and while I know the " A true fan and what not would still play it " I would of kept playing it, if it was as fun as the older Halos but it just wasnt for me.

Ripsta7th1935d ago

Well with Destiny playstation just got halo because it plays very similar and guess what? Made by the same developer

Johnsonparts231935d ago

COD already "dethroned" Halo. Look at the numbers. And now Destiny will be this generations franchise. Halos dying, because it's creators have moved on to something better, and so should you.

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gamer11381935d ago

Nope. The PvP is way too unbalanced and needs addressing before launch.

I love the setting of Destiny and I'm very intrigued to see how Bungie handles the story. problem with games of this type where everyone is "the one" is that the story struggles to connect with the player and make you feel like you matter.

I think we can all agree that Destiny is Halo. Or more, where Bungie would have taken Halo.

objdadon1935d ago

I thought it was unbalanced too until i learned how to play.

HammadTheBeast1935d ago

Why do you think it's unbalanced? From what I played it was fine once you learned the mechanics and realized that when someone had a super you had to play perfect.

Shadonic1935d ago

PVP is pretty balanced considering all gun damage is equalized, what matters with the guns in the PVP in terms of how much damage you do is Impact.

OrangePowerz1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

It's not really any more or less unbalanced as PvP in MMOs. I played with a character that had pretty much the best gear possible for level 8. While there had been matches where I got my ass handed over it wasn't down to gear and just because the other person played better. The only one that can be unbalanced is the Iron Banner because all balancing is deactivate so that's like entering a Battleground in WoW eith max level. If your gear isn't up to the task you will get slaughtered. If your gear isn't great you shouldn't expect to kick ass and win by a landslide. In PvP like the Iron Banner in the Beta there shouldn't be really balancing of nerfing players with good equipment because people will most likely have to spend a lot of time to get the very good gear so why shpuld they get penalised and their gear turned useless they spent all that time to get?

There will also be a lot of looking at stats, upgrades and skills to figure out what are the most usefull skills and stats for PvP and deciding what suits one the best. Do I want to get my super faster or do I rather wear something with more armor but less Intellect (I think that reduced the super cooldown)? I think that's quite cool.

As a long time WoW player what I have seen in the Beta is right up my alley.

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Intentions1935d ago

Destiny would be a great game in its own way =P.

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