Toxikk Lets You Frag Like It’s 1999

Are you a fan of old school arena shooters like Unreal Tournament or Quake? Well if yes then rejoice because Toxikk brings back all the gloriousness of old school arena FPS with no reloads, no pansy cover system, no regenerating health, no leveling and no class system. The game gives you a gun and sets you loose with players and trolls alike, you either die a noob or live long enough to see yourself become the troll who camps noobs.

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Whore_Mouth1932d ago

Actually looks like a lot of fun.

ChronoJoe1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

It looks like a lot of fun, but it if doesn't come to consoles (which it probably won't) then I probably won't be playing it which is a shame.

Oh, and just to add, this game has a stupid name. How does Toxikk relate to what the game offers? plus, poorly spelled variants on words are really lazy names for video games.