10 Final Fantasy Characters Who Almost Ruined Their Own Games

WC: Even if Square Enix release a dozen failed MMOs, the quality and standard of the Final Fantasy games leading up to it will not be diminished. Still, within these games, there are elements that are slightly off-putting to us as players. With a wide variety of characters and story arcs, you’d expect to be more interested in certain characters ahead of others; that’s simply human nature.

Interestingly though, some characters seem to be placed within the series simply to annoy us. Why else would you introduce “heroic” characters with wildly inflated egos and aggravating personalities? This article seeks to highlight ten characters who challenged us with their appearances throughout the series; characters who annoyed us, upset us or offended us with their pointless ways. Whether it was an annoying personality or habit or an infuriating sidequest which wasted our time, these ten characters should be ashamed for their crimes against us – the players.

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iamtehpwn1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

You know, it's odd that Tidus is condemned to high hell yet Zack is often praised. Tidus' and Zack's personalities arent' wildly different. Tidus wasn't a bad character at all.

Also, Squall and Zell are some FF's best characters, they don't belong on the list. And can Yuffie almost ruin FF7? She's optional. Just don't unlock her if you dont' like her

Godmars2901932d ago

Why mention Zack when he only gets his own game as a side-story in Crisis Core.

As for the whole list, Aside from Vaan and Penelo it is worthless. Typical of Whatculture.

Bit more insulting too. Given that for the first I in a while I bother to click on their crap, and one - One! - page actually has two entries showing that they can trim down their pages.

hkgamer1932d ago

Exactly what I thought. Though penelo should not be grouped with vaan. Penelo was just hanging round.

hkgamer1932d ago

Tidus was kinda cool tbh and as youbsaid had similar personalities to zack.

I think 90% of people here would disagree with this list. Actually, it's quite hard for me to point out any characters that I could say ruin a game for me. I mean penelo was annoying, vaan was just a character I didn't like. But that's about it.

Back to Tidus. I think he grew a lot in the game, probably a lot more compared to the others. I maybe biased though since viii, x and xii are my favourite.

Nerdmaster1932d ago

You lost me in "Squall and Zell are some FF's best characters".

Tetsujin1932d ago

Another article with separate pages, don't bother.

TH3BR3W1932d ago

This is all opinion based. In my opinion squall sure beats the living hell out of zidane in the likable character department. Out of all the final fantasies I have played the one that made me want to swallow my tongue and chew on my forehead to ease the pain of their presence is Steiner.

Pozzle1932d ago

I liked Zidane and Steiner, but Eiko drove me mad. It's been a while since I last played FFIX so I might feel differently if I played it again, but I found her comments far more unbearable than anything Quina did.

TongkatAli1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Quina at least can cook and is the greatest FF character, she had the most depth and character development, shittt...... :P

I will blue magic all on haters.

Squall_231932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

squall have a good impact in the series from his design to the gunblade and finally the personalty .. Tidus is good as well .. And yeah he Kinda look like zack personalty .. For me the bad characters is : vaan , vanille .. Doushbags , foolish and guess what they have the main roles in their game !WTF squere !! .. This type and Cloud , lightning types that i don't want to see anymore in FF . Need more ViVi BTW

Dasteru1932d ago

In defence of FFXII, Vaan was never intended as the "main character" Squenix actually made it clear several times that they didn't intend for there to be a main character at all in FFXII, it was an open lead similar to FFVI. People mostly assumed that Vaan was the lead since he was the first controllable character (excluding Reks).

"The story in Final Fantasy XII is perhaps more adult this time, concentrating more on political machinations. You control a group of characters, but, says scenario designer Daisuke Watanabe, there is no one main character."

"For Final Fantasy XII we wanted to get away from the clichés," he says. "Basically in previous RPGs you had one main character, they were all kind of very similar, but in this game there is actually no main character. Everybody has their own main story. It's about numerous people, not just one person."


Spotie1932d ago

Exactly that. If anything, I always saw Ashe as the most likely candidate for lead.

Godmars2901932d ago

But in the same token of not having a main character, no one either had a major role in the story, or played a part in bringing about its resolution. Just like Vaan - Penelo - were street urchins who had no real parts to play, Ashe more than less wondered from scene to scene. There just wasn't any feeling of investment or draw to the characters.

But then by contrast something like Chrono Trigger had deliberate segments which focused on specific characters. Was a game you could finish with its main protagonist dead. That was a game with no central character, but many memorable ones.

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