Digital Futurism: A discussion about a popular video game art style part 1 (Interview)

GamesBeat: Curious about the recent growth of this art style within games, I’ve reached out to four indie developers who have all created vastly different interactive experience from each other, but whose art direction shares this very distinctive low-fi 3D cyber look — and asked for their perspectives on this fascinating visual style. In part one we’ll cover a little bit of naming convention and art history, then dive right into the distinctive visual characteristics of this art direction.

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ColManischewitz1542d ago

What's the beginning? Tron.

Sadie21001542d ago

I did this visual style. I just hope it doesn't become so big, that we see it everywhere.

midnightambler1542d ago

I loved the visuals in Mirror Moon EP. Fit the mood perfectly.

darkronin2291542d ago

I think I'd rather see more games look like this than the nostalgia-fueled 16-bit graphics that pop up everywhere.

TheShrew1542d ago

I always wondered where the trend came from (I am young).