The Conduit Officially Announced, Online and More Revealed

Kombo Reports: "Every Wii owners knows about The Conduit by now. High Voltage first revealed the title to IGN in early April with an exclusive interview and then followed with the first trailer last month. Hyping a new engine said to have the Wii produce graphics on par with launch games of the 360 and PS3, High Voltage gained a lot of attention for such big statements.

We now have some concrete details surrounding this hotly anticipated and hyped FPS. The title will boast a competitive online multiplayer aspect and an intense single player campaign. Players will play as Secret Service Agent Ford, and must master a variety of guns as well as the secret "All Seeing Eye" device to kill enemies. Aside from shooting, the game will consist of puzzles that you must solve to discover all the mysteries hidden within the game.

As of now, The Conduit is scheduled for a Quarter 1 2009 release. Stay tuned."

Full PR available at Link.

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jedistev3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

seems postive news.... now all i gotta wait for reviews

brings it on! your homework and learn from high voltage team

GVON3809d ago

killzone 2 and this for me, but I prefer aiming with the wii-mote so can't to play online.

jtucker783809d ago

I hope you Wii owners get the online FPS you deserve.
Well done High Voltage.

Doppy3809d ago

I want to see gameplay. I'm a little skeptical about this engine, I need to see gameplay to be happy.

Now :|, after seeing good gameplay :)

edhe3809d ago

..and not the retreads of franchises.

This is good news, here's hoping it's a worthy game.

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The story is too old to be commented.