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Ben Dutka writes "Saying The Last Of Us: Remastered is an absolute triumph seems redundant.'

"I said it when the original released last year, after all."

"And yeah, it's basically the same game with a glossier coating and a few additions."

"But consider: What have we seen in the last 15 months or so that even comes close?"


"If the next-gen consoles produced some unbelievably memorable titles, and they represented large strides forward, then the competition would be stiffer right now."

"But that hasn't really happened yet and as such, I can only compare Remastered to what is currently available, not what's coming."

"When I do, and as I said above, how can it be anything but a 10?"

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funkybudda1541d ago

epic game that deserves a perfect score, good job ND.