How Do You Compare Destiny and TLoU: Remastered?

How does one compare an updated version of a 2013 game to what many consider a “true” next-generation effort? That’s a very difficult task for any critic…

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Neixus1537d ago

''True next-gen'' games doesn't run at 30fps

Ezz20131537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

I'm the ONE to disagree with you

MysticStrummer1537d ago

Yeah I disagree with Neixus as well, but I'd also say a cross gen game isn't "true next gen". Still, Destiny is probably going to be the game that finally makes me jump into the current gen.

Neixus1537d ago

Why? This game is held back by the pre-gen consoles. I'm pretty sure ps4/xboxone would be able to run this at 60fps if it weren't for ps3/360

I look forward to the game, but the writer of the article called it a true next-gen game. Which is wrong.

And why would you disagree? the definition of a next generation involves improvements. There are no improvements if the game is running at 30fps, which is a shame, because I really like this game. Will buy it regardless though

joab7771537d ago

Exactly. And they are 2 entirely different games. For one, I adore TLoU:R, but Destiny is gonna b something different, combining two very addictive genres with tight game play and gorgeous visuals.

ramiuk11537d ago

how do you compare a good article to a crap one??

u cant compare them in any way at all

OrangePowerz1536d ago

So if it's 30fps it's not a true next gen game? You have to make choices when making a game and one of them is tif you go with better graphics and 30fps or less good graphics and 60fps.

Anyway I don't know why someone would compare TLoU and Destiny at all. One is a remaster the one isn't and they are both completely different from each. TLoU is amazing and judging by the Beta Destiny will be as well.

christrules00411536d ago

There is a lot more to next gen then just the frames per second. There is how many pixels are rendered each frame, texture resolution, better draw distance, better level of detail, less texture pop in although it does still still happen, more players in games(Battlefield) and best of all exclusives haven't looked better(The Order 1886 and Ryse: Son of Rome). Granted Ryse could've used better gameplay it definately showed off the Crytek engine being super optimized.

Normally developers make games for the current gen consoles and PC. With PC there is so many different builds that they do have to optimize so that every computer can power through the game. A game like Destiny that is being made for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 can be around the same amount of work that would be required if it was an Xbox One, PS4 and PC title.

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SaveFerris1537d ago

Can a cross-gen game be a 'next-gen' game?

JoGam1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Yes. But you don't compare those games at all. They're two totally different games.

SaveFerris1537d ago

True in that one is a First person shooter with MMO elements, and the other is a third person action adventure game. I meant that TLOU is a remastered PS3 title, and Destiny is a cross-gen multi-platform title.

JoGam1537d ago

Technically TLOU remastered is a PS4 game. Yes is was originally on PS3 but if u pick up the Remastered copy it would say PS4, so yes its next gen.

harrisk9541537d ago

How to compare Destiny with The Last of Us?? You don't?

SpiralTear1537d ago

Yeah, I don't see the point of this comparison other than to stir up the fanboys.

randomass1711537d ago

This author is trying to compare a squad based online multiplayer first person shooter to a survival stealth action game. What the heck. -.-

Master-H1537d ago

Unless it's a slow news day..

ramiuk11537d ago

tell u something though,i didnt lay last of us on ps3,im enjoying now on my ps4 and apart from the pop in issue,the game is amazing,prob best i ever played almost,defo in top 3

Hellsvacancy1537d ago

Well, they're games, made by people for people.............. that's about it

chrissx1537d ago

Comparing them is senseless. 1st of all they entirely different genres and one is online only while the other isn't etc

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