Want to win the console war? Here's how

Polygon: Isn't it about time the console companies finally figured out the big, big secret about making a successful games console?

You and I know this secret, but if the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony understand it, they seem to let it slip their minds from time to time.

The trick is to make something that people want to buy; not something that companies want to sell. The trick is to make sure that you are selling games consoles and not high-falutin' super-boxes.

Undoubtedly, Xbox One was launched as something that its creators wanted to sell, rather than something an appropriately sizeable number of people wanted to buy.

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cfc781932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

How to win a console war? it's simple do what Sony does and not what Microsoft does the past 20 years have proven that.

randomass1711932d ago

Just for kicks let's drop the brand names for a moment and get down to the real way you win a console war and that's making great games that appeal to lots of people.

Mr Pumblechook1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I was surprised this article comes from Polygon because it's no secret which side their bread is buttered.

funkybudda1931d ago

@Mr Pumblechook

same here, very surprised. I guess the check in the mail has stopped coming? WIth the recent announced 18,000 job cuts, I am sure MS dont have the cash to throw money aound like they used to. Hopefully we see more honest reviews and articles instead ones written because they got paid by MS.

dcbronco1931d ago stupid.

One company is currently making record profits based on their last twenty years and the other has been selling assets and divisions over the last couple of years just to remain in business. You're saying you believe the latter is doing a better job though.

Damn you US education system...DAMN YOU TO HELL.

cfc781931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I believe Sony knows how to make a better games console yes and give people what they want yes and you won't win a console war with out it now will you and just for the cheap seats at the back where your obviously sitting this is console wars not company wars.

LordMaim1930d ago

I think you're confusing Microsoft as a whole with their Xbox division.

dcbronco1929d ago

From where I'm sitting it looks like Sony nearly killed itself off with the PS3. So I'm not sure how anyone who actually thinks believes that is a road anyone should be following. They did very well with first two consoles and contributed heavily to their current financial problems with the third. Like it or not, that six billion or so Sony lost on the PS3 would have allowed them to remain profitable over the last seven years. If Sony does eventually go bankrupt PlayStation will survive. But the irony will be that it will be the main reason it went bankrupt in the first place.

Sure Microsoft made mistakes with the original. And initially with the 360. But gaming has been nothing but profitable for Microsoft ever since. Maybe from where you're sitting you have no understanding of how the console business works. But I do.

So Sony may be doing very well again. But contrary to fanboy hopes, so is Microsoft. That could change since we live in a world where feeble minded people fall in line with general opinion. But there is no legitimate reason for One to fail. Also if it were just about the consoles, Sony would have gone out of business after the PS3.

Main, I think you're confusing gaming with business period. If it weren't for the financial backing of the parent companies, all consoles would be more like Nintendo consoles. Which is sort of where we are now. Though it may be as much about technology converging at the start of a new generation. The tens of millions in profit gaming used to make doesn't get you to the hundreds of millions to a billion plus needed to design these modern consoles. Especially when you consider what Sony themselves admitted about the profitability of exclusives Sony fans love so much. Look at my posting history. I am right about the business of gaming just a little bit more often than the fanboys that make so much noise on this site.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

What exactly do you win?

Nothing so what the point of fighting over devices who only purpose is to entertain us

randomass1711932d ago

Us gamers win fun times and entertainment. The companies win lots and lots of moolah. :P

cfc781932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I can agree with what you said I could agree with it even more if both consoles were on par with each other and it just come down to who has the best games but there's much more factors to it than that I just think Sony has the right formula when it comes down to it though I still enjoy gaming on XBOX a lot still got my 360 and had an XB1 since day 1 just my opinion that Sony's more clued up in the console industry after all it's for the players and who can argue with that.


yankolo1931d ago

U want to win get a xb1...a ps4...a wii u...a pc. And u won

GamingSinceThe80s1931d ago

Just save up and buy 1 a year until you have all 3.You don't have to be rich we are only talking about $1000 spread out over 3 years that way.It just depends how much you want them and what other things you willing to give up or go without.

Kivespussi1931d ago

Nah, I could buy them right now if I'd want to. But to some people it's still too much. And hey, It was just a joke.

LOGICWINS1931d ago

Sony, MS, and Nintendo aren't in a "war". They are simply conducting business. You can't win a war that you aren't a part of. The console war was manufactured by a small % of gamers who, being the idiots they are, think that these consoles are the equivalent to Gundams trying to kill each other.

The ammo fueling these Gundams include Resolutiongate, GOTY awards, AAA exclusives, and Metacritic scores.

The rest of us are enjoying gaming and chomp on chedder popcorn while watching their hilarious verbal skirmishes on gaming news sites.

DERKADER1931d ago

If it was't for dumb fanboys what would be the point of coming to N4G. I come here just for the idiots, so leave your logic at the door it isn't welcome here. N4G is like Maury Or Jerry Springer it's where the dumb and poor come to argue about problems that don't matter to anyone but them.

Kivespussi1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I suppose some people could get a few laughs from some of the comments here hah, I just feel second-hand embarrassment reading that crap.

And to be honest N4G is the biggest gaming focused web portal so that's the reason I made my account but after a while I started to feel like I'm surrounded by idiots here.

Spotie1931d ago

Learn your history. The console war was manufactured by- gasp!- console manufacturers. They've been fighting each other for generations, and their PR and marketing campaigns are full of evidence of this.

Business, by the way, is war. Nobody literally dies, but a few companies have gone belly up, or nearly so, so there ARE casualties.

As intelligent as you pass yourself off as, you should know this much. Unless you're new to gaming.

LOGICWINS1931d ago

So console manufacturers are the ones who put guns to several hundered thousand gamers heads', FORCING them to obsess about hardware sales numbers and review scores for AAA games to the point that they attack random people on these topics?

You're saying gamers have no other options but to act like monkeys...all because Sony, MS, and Nintendo make us do so?

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