PlayStation Now Isn't Too Expensive, It's Just Too Complicated

Forbes: Sony is looking for feedback when it comes to their new games streaming/rental service, PlayStation Now, which just began open beta on PS4 yesterday.

My feedback? There’s a lot of potential here, but it’s marred by a bizarre and complex model.

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Dwalls11711933d ago

No . . . its too expensive

Old games shouldn't be that much . .yes the old blockbuster rental system was similar in the 8.99 for a week range . . .but those were new and current games

XiNarutoUzumaki1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

The 4hr and the 90 days rental are the only expensive options. $5.99 for a week and $7.99 for a month are good.

So let me get this straight, Most People hate Gamestop's Game Dumpster Diving, and now we are comparing Gamestop's prices with PS Now? While it's a fair comparison, the prices aren't even that far. You can rent a game for week at the same price as Gamestop prices. This is a matter of which one you'd like to support: Sony and the devs, or Gamestop's infamous Dumpster Diving or any other retailer?

Also Keep in mind, these are old games we are talking about. Call me a Pony if you please, but I'd rather support Sony and the devs than Gamestop. If I want to revisit an old game that I loved, I could just rent it for a week or a month( Games take less than that to beat anyways). I don't care about collecting games on my shelve, so I'd go with PS Now.

JoGam1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I feel you. (No Homo)

Kingthrash3601933d ago

99cents for 4 hrs
3.99 a week
7.99 a month
14.99 3 months
19.99 3 month sub all access limited to two rentals a week
29.99 year sub unlimited rentals
Problem solved.

amiga-man1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I really don't see what all the fuss is about, if it's too expensive people won't use it simple as that, Sony has to find the sweet spot for consumers and it's in their interest to find out what that is.

Whatever anyone says Playstation Now is another bonus for Playstation owners and ultimately it will be gamers who decide it's worth.

monkeyDzoro1933d ago


Do you even realize what you're saying ?
$30/year for FULL UNLIMITED ACCESS to that library of games ?? $30/year for more than 100 games ??
Where do you live in ? Wonderworld ?

Kingthrash3601933d ago

A man can dream right? Plus it would be a great deal giving having to pay for plus in order to enjoy online features. That's 80 bucks a year to stream games not download. Internet down no psnow. So IMO its a great deal at 29.99

Kivespussi1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Truth is, a subscription model doesn't really work with PS Now. If it would have a subscription service it would be almost the same as PS+, except instead of having the games you play them through a stream.

Also they have a huge library of games, PS+ only has 6 per month. It would be ridiculous to give out that library immediately to fully access for cheaper than PS+

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Bigpappy1933d ago

I think both these writers and Sony need to speak with the users (the people who are being asked to play for this), if the pricing is okay with them.

if you are going to write an article titled "PlayStation Now Isn't Too Expensive", you should have the results of your survey and how it was conducted, ready to backup what you are saying.

From what I am reading from users, they complaint is that it is TOO EXPEVSIVE. I can't remember anyone saying they don't understand the pricing options. Elitist always go the route of people just don't understand. They see themselves as intelligent and the common user as half whit basement crawlers, who can figure out simply cost. My guess is that a large portion of the gaming community are highly intelligent. In fact way above average compared to the general population. Some maybe childish fanboys, but even they can figure out what value is to them.

The other problem is that Sony needs to set the structure for THEIR service. Set the guide lines. If publishers see value in it for them, they will sign on, but Sony's job is to present something that their users would by.

Hate to bring M$ into this as I know the hate that will bring from those who despise the company. But they always strive for uniformity. It was a key ingredient when they started XBL. You had the same ID no matter where you were on the network or which game you were playing. They also forces everyone to Broadband to keep the quality uniform. Sony needs to set the structure with that same frame of mind. They may not get everyone onboard, but they will create the values and many will jump on if it takes off. The way they introduced it so far, is causing unneeded turbulence.

C-H-E-F1933d ago

I think if new games prices are 24.99 for 90 days cool but these old *** games are ridiculous yea sure it's better than blockbuster back in the day(which was sometimes 5$ for 2 day rental for new titles). I think looking at it as 20plus dollars for a rented game scares ppl but when you actually break down the price it's actually a good bargain but they def. need to regulate these old a** games being soo high because that's def. not the move.

Insomnia_841933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Finally, a well thought out article about this topic covering all good and bad points and not focusing just on the bad.

Those complaining about the prices are asking for a monthly subscription. How much do you think a monthly subscription would be for more than a hundred games? The games would have to be handpicked and it still would be very expensive. I think the best way is the rental way here. With the 7 and 30 days being the only good options.

What Sony is trying to do here is something very very complicated but they had the balls to go for it. Let's make this service go into fruition with the feedback as it is a great service for all gamers. The first of its kind going all in and risking a lot!

This service is now giving me the chance to play games I didn't play last gen but that I always wanted to. Starting with FFXIII, Dead Rising I could give it a try now that is just a few clicks away, Alone In The Dark that's going for $4.99 90 days, my okd time favorite Twisted Metal that I never got to play.

I truly believe rentals is the best way to go for Sony and us gamers.

mrpsychoticstalker1933d ago

What are you smoking? Give me some of that stuff, it can help my delusion.....

The service is still very expensive. How is it that I can go to gamestop and buy twisted metal used for $4.99 final Fantasy for $8.99 and still ps now wants to charge me almost the same price to rent it for 4 hours. SONY needs to go back to the table and discuss better prices for gamers . The 4 hour option must go as well. Seriously $3.99 for 4* hours of Real time play. Instead of Game play. Doesn't make any sense

Kivespussi1933d ago

Not only rent it but play through a stream too which is way worse experience than playing from a disc.

MCTJim1933d ago

The only issue I have with the service is the model. Make it affordable to the Avg person and it will work. As it stands now, I will not use this service with its current price structure. Yes, I already complained on their forums.

fermcr1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Yep... every single day from now on we are going to get a bunch of articles trying to defend and justify Playstation Now pricing. Sony's PR department will have to work around the clock.

SoapShoes1933d ago

Just give the option to purchase and use it whenever instead of renting and I'd be ok with it. Although is that reasonable? They need to make money, if everyone makes a one-time purchase and don't rent they're essentially running servers for free.

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