Evolve - Medic Hands On: Is Evolve Bleeding Out Already?

Dealspwn: So far, Evolve hasn’t made the best of impressions. The Kraken is a clunky creature to control and it’s frequently unclear what it’s supposed to be doing when the objectives change. Playing as the medic is sadly boring unless you’re diving in under the monster’s feet wearing your invisibility cloak to revive another teammate who got too brave.

I can also see how until everyone gets really good at playing the game in the other roles, the medic is going to be the most important player in the team –or the one that clears up their mess and suicidal charges. If you’re going to play Evolve online with randomers, the possibility of having a moron in the medic’s shoes means you’re also probably fucked from the start.

I want to be more excited about Evolve than I am right now, but the great idea of four players taking on a massive boss character badly needs polish, or ironically given the name, a few more rounds of evolution as it’s currently slipping down the food chain.

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masterfox1936d ago

The premise of the game is just,

4 players against a monster and vicecersa and thats it, I won't waste a single a dime on this game, is destined to repetitiveness and boredoom.

The only thing good about this game is that it looks pretty damn good but is a shame such visuals are wasted with this mediocrity of core gameplay.

Patricko1936d ago

You can say, that in Left 4 Dead there was just running around and shooting zombies.
Let them do the game, we will see how it end at the launch day :)

BiggerBoss1936d ago

Didn't left 4 dead at least have a story mode though?

Neixus1936d ago


Define story mode.
There was litterally no story in L4D, could of just named it coop. But it was really fun to play through it with a couple of friends.

Palitera1936d ago

A progression at least, even if it was very minimalist.

I'll wait until a severe price drop. Not in the mood for a MP only game on the same few maps against the same very few monsters over and over and over and...

abstractel1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Totally disagree. Alpha is more fun I've had in MP in forever, and once they open up the game modes, characters, level progression, the other two monsters (three counting the free DLC coming later for those who pre-ordered), all the maps, there will be plenty of variety.

Yes team work is important, but this is the first time I've played I've enjoyed playing with randoms.

The wildlife is also varied and fun to look out for, especially when you see one that can give you a round perk. I'm enjoying it immensely and don't see it getting repetitive.

Bigpappy1936d ago

@masterfox: agree with you on this. Nothing I have seen so far justifies me paying $60. I can see the appeal to some of switching roles. But as you have stated: after you do that a few time, then what?

MeteorPanda1936d ago

l played it and tbh..l've had a better experience on primal carnage, and that was a 5 dollar purchase. if this game was less then the pricetag they're asking for l'd get it...but worth 90 of my Australian dollars? nope!

the pricetag is the only thing l don't like about this game, it makes it seem like you'd get more then a multiplayer but you really don't. and l bet they're going to make you pay for unlocking new monsters too.

blvdnights14141936d ago

"4 players against a monster and vicecersa and thats it"

You're basically generalizing the games core mechanics and passing it off as some kind of valid argument. You could say that about any game and make it sound boring.

Take any top 10 game in their respective genre.

FPS - 8 players vs 8 players shooting at each other till one team wins.

MMO - Create a character and run around grinding for xp

RTS - Create and Manage an army of units and destroy the opposition.

So ok there we are 4 players and over there is a monster. We proceed to "against" the sh%t of it. Why do I play video games when all I do is press a bunch of buttons on a controller over and over again.

Any moron can take a GOTY and make it sound boring and repetitive by generalizing, that's just the lazy person's argument.

crazysammy1936d ago

I like the cut of your jib.

bakss091936d ago

That isn't the only game mode included in this game. it has been already stated that there will be other game modes, but the 4 against 1 would be the purest way to play the game. so those who would like not to have a sorry ass medic on there team, i suggest they play some team deathmatch

MuhammadJA1936d ago

I hope there are other modes as well because as you said, 4 vs 1 will get boring after a while.

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Dudebro901936d ago

Game is fine. Been playing it for like 6 hours during the Alpha. Player just needs to not suck at the game.

ScottyHoss1936d ago

How is the alpha? Think it's worth the money?

Dudebro901936d ago

If you enjoy team based role style games, must buy hands down.

AMAZING looking.

Patrick_pk441936d ago

It is pretty fun, however the monster is OP if you know how to use him. The Alpha is poorly optimized, and is heavy on fps. It is more of a cooperative game, and its different from L4D in a good way.

FuzzyPixels1936d ago

I've played it several times now at various events and although I found the core gameplay to be pretty refreshing and the gunplay to be solid and entertaining, I think that logistics will be the issue. Human teams will be screwed without communication as teamwork is absolutely essential, and without hopping on with a group of five players, it'll be really interesting to see how matchmaking works.

Freeball1936d ago

Yes, players without mics in the Alpha are the death of your team. That, and, like the article says, morons playing the medic class. Just played a match where the medic kept chasing the creature and going head to head with it. Of course he died and the monster wiped the floor with us. The stupidest thing is, the medic has a SINGLE SHOT SNIPER rifle. WTF are you doing right in front of the beast?

HaveAsandwich1936d ago

I've been sceptical of this game all along. It just looks so boring.

gamer11381936d ago

I've played it and I thought it was amazing!

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