IGN: Race Driver: GRID AU Review & Video Review

IGN AU writes: "Race Driver: GRID. Right now, at least, it's the Citizen Kane of racing games. By that we mean everyone loves it and we just can't really figure out why. It's okay, sure, but it's not the second coming.

Rosebud was his sled, by the way. There, you don't have to watch Citizen Kane now.

But we digress. We'll use an example. Any of you readers in long-term relationships will see where we're coming from – the rest of you will just have to indulge us.

Imagine, if you will, you wake up one morning to find your loving soul mate, the wind beneath your wings, replaced with some beautiful, yet stupid, celebrity you fancy (this, by the way, is only relevant to anyone not dating a beautiful, yet stupid, celebrity – sorry, we should have stipulated that). Your reaction? Shock? Surprise? Of course, but there'll also be a certain amount of curiosity. Maybe you give it a go, so to speak, and find out this spunky new bit of crumpet is wilder, hotter and flashier than your old partner. Great, huh? Not really, because this invariably comes shortly before you also realise this new intruder is vapid, shallow and more and more uninterestingly as time goes on.

This is how we feel about GRID."

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